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being ok with being uncomfortable

I attended a figure drawing meet up for the first time last night. It’s something I have been wanting to do for a while, but I still had to muster up the courage just to knock on the door and walk in. I was a bit nervous for sure. New people. New environment. Nude model. My brain was definitely firing on all synapses. I haven’t spent 3 hours drawn like this, from a model, since I was in college. I was definitely feeling a bit rusty but by the end I was starting to settle in and enjoying the process. Sometimes you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone and be ok with being uncomfortable for a bit.

All Tangled Up

Through out our entire Thanksgiving Holiday my daughter was talking about how much she wanted to see Princess Rapunzel and how it was her ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. It’s amazing she knew about the movie before the commercials even hit the tv. The Disney marketing people are geniuses, I hope to someday have that type of marketing power behind my work. (Heck I’d be even happy with half that :-)

Ava Blu correcting my drawing

When we weren’t outside playing in the snow we were inside sipping hot coco and drawing Princess Rapunzel. Well more like I was drawing and Ava Blu was art directing and correcting my “mistakes”. For instance only boy (the prince) can ride the horse and there needs to be a “lizard” on Princess Rapunzel shoulder. “Mama, you will see when we go to the movies. I will show you.” was the quote of the weekend.

So on Monday I picked up some tickets to the 3D show (I would of been fine with regular 2D version but that was the only showtime that would work), and her and I had a girls night out, popcorn and candy included.

I have to say that I really enjoyed Disney’s adaption of the story. I thought they did a really nice job of presenting a strong smart female role model. And when we got home I jumped on my computer and googled “Tangled” to find out more about the creative development and creation of the movie and came across RANDOM ❤ MUSINGS’  detailed look at the creation of Tangled. I found the concept art the most interesting part.

The movie’s visual style was based on French Rococo artist Jean-Honore Fragonard’s painting “The Swing”. How cool is that?

Sweetly Refined :: Cupcakes & Fashion

Sweets and in particular cupcakes have been on my mind. I have a sweet tooth like nobodies business. Always have and I think always will. It’s something I think I’ve passed down to my daughter, but thank goodness she has inherited her fathers teeth, as I have definitely have paid for it at the dentist. I’ve been working on my new Sweetly Refined Collection for sometime now thought I would share with you my process. I showed you a few of these sketches for this collection a while back but thought it would be nice to pull it all together to show the true progress of my creative process.

When I first started off thinking about cupcakes I was taking it in a whole different direction. The first phrase that came to mind was ‘camp cupcake’ it was summer time and I was envisioning cupcake totem and little cupcake doing skip rope, sitting by a fire and playing camping games. Cute, right? But I when I thought about it a little more I really wanted to add in a level of sophistication and all the ideas were   beginning to feel a bit too cuties. I’ve been reading and looking at all the soft and romantic fashion photography over at Day Dream Lilly and thought that there must be some way I can incorporate cupcakes and fashion. I also really wanted to draw some ladies.


 I started off pulling some screenshots of cupcakes that I liked off of the web. There are a ton of different kinds of cupcakes and website and blogs dedicated to the art of making cupcakes. It’s very easy for me to get caught up in all the research.


I decided to draw a few flavors that I liked and started filling up my sketchbook with pages of cupcakes. My daughter even joined in the process with picking the cupcakes that she wanted me to draw and making suggestions on how many sprinkles should be added.


Then I started drawing the ladies and pulling pages out of my husbands stack of W magazines. Gosh I love looking thru that magazine with juicy colors and large format pages. We often fight over who get to look at it first when a new issue arrives in the mail. Technically they are addressed to him, but I feel it becomes communal property the moment it hits my front step. :-)


After I was satisfied will all the sketches and drawings. I pull out my handy dandy color swatch books and pick a basic color palette. This way I at least I have a starting point even if it grows and changes I always have a color foundation to go back to. Next came the computer work. I scan my drawings, clean them up and then place them in illustrator and start the colorization process.


…and Voila the first of my Sweetly Refined Ladies!! Only 5 more to go and the collection will be complete.


My Sketchbook has Finally Arrived!!

Yeah, my sketchbook has arrived!! Now I have the daunting task of actually filling all the pages around my theme, “A day in the life” by Jan 15th. The possibilities are endless the only rule is that it needs to stay the same dimension when closed shut.  It’s all a bit overwhelming. I think I’m going to start in the middle and work my way out that way I avoid the”first page” stage fright.

The Fruits of My Labors

When I got a request asking for fruit artwork by noon tomorrow. My response was let me see what I can pull together. When in fact, I didn’t have any fruit artwork, but I do now.

Here are a few of the designs I was able to whip up in one night. Of course, if I had more time I would of been able to do more, featuring a larger varieties of fruit but all in all I’m pretty happy with what I was able to do while burning the midnight oil. Hopefully my client is just as happy with my results.

Hurry up and draw some strawberries!! Who doesn't love strawberries?!

…And watermelon. I love watermelon

Design featuring some cherries I had initially drawn for my Cowgirl Tales Collection. I was glad I had at least something I didn't have to completely create from scratch.

I’m In: The Sketchbook Project

I been seeing people posting about the sketchbook projects for weeks now. It sounds like a really cool project and I’ve visited their site on several occasions and even added it to my shopping cart a few time but never followed thru, well that is until yesterday.  After seeing it for the umteenth time I decided to just do it rather then keep tourchering myself with weighting the pros and cons. I’ve been milling around with the idea for so long that it just became easier to commit and  stop worrying about if I have enough time to do it, and if I was going to be left out of something BIG that I would regret not doing later. So I’m in, I’m doing it! My sketchbook is paid for and is in route right now!!

Sketchy HOW Conf Notes – Denver 2010

Life has been super busy in June, in between projects and family I had the pleasure of attending the HOW Design Conference in Denver. It was an amazing and super inspiring experience!! I would recommend anyone working in the creative field to attend. I’ll definitely be going back next year!

I’m sharing my sketchy notes, miss-spellings and all. Hey, I’m a professional artists not a writer and I remember best when I have a visual :-)

Notes from Stephan Mamaw’s workshop Caffeine for the Creative Team: Turning Brainstorming into Brainsqualling

One of my favorite highlights has to be attending Stephan Mamaw’s workshop Caffeine for the Creative Team: Turning Brainstorming into Brainsqualling, where we rolled up our sleeves and had permission to have fun and be silly. He ran thru the 13 Commandments of Brainaqualling and paired it with a series of warm up exercise from his books.


Stephane demonstrating his point. Creativity is a Habit!

My team’s caffine infused supplies

Teams of 3 had to create what they thought Big Foot would look like. Our’s was Willy Nelson inspired.

Teams of 2 had to construct a amusement park ride for a bug. My partner and I created a Zipline for a Fly.  (I put my caffeine to good use  by using my coffee cup as a platform area.)

Teams of 2 were instructed to creat the ultimate desk. This is my teams.

Notes from Chaos to Clarity: Creating Your One-Page Business Plan – Judah Kurtz & RaShelle Roberts

Judah Kurtz & RaShelle Roberts-

Notes from Andy Stefanovich Opening Keynote on Design Inspiration

Andy Stefanovich-

Notes from Creating Five-Alarm Concepts – Von Glitschka

Von Glitschka-

Notes from Life Kerning: Where Life and Creativity Meet – Justin Ahrens

Justin Ahrens-

Notes from Curiously Curious – Ken Carbone

Ken Carbone-

Notes from Visual Storytelling: Resonate and Activate Audiences – Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte-

Notes from How to Sell Your Ideas to Bosses, Clients and Other Decision Makers – Sam Harrison

Sam Harrison –

Notes from Better Ideas Faster: How to Brainstorm More Effectively – David Sherwin and Fitting Your Employer’s Big Hairy Audacious Goals with Your Own – David Delp

David Sherwin –


David Delp –

Notes from Kevin Carroll Closing Keynoter – Rediscovering Play: Bringing Fun and Passion to Your Work…and Life

Kevin Carroll –