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share out :: ink and water

Check out this wonderful work by artist Alberto Sevesto. He is an Italian artist living and working in Portoscuso, Sardinia. He explores all different types of mediums but I’m most drawn to Alberto’s series of photographs called a Due Colori where he shoots high speed photographs of ink mixing with water—the results are absolutely stunning!!



I love the shapes and color mixing going on here. It looks so purposeful yet it is a natural process that he is merely catching in a photograph. Pretty Awesome, right!?

share out :: 5 fashion forward blogs that inspire me

5 fashion forward  blogs that inspire me. (in no particular order, other then they looked good in the layout)

1. I Dream of a World of Couture 2. {BLACK. WHITE. YELLOW} 3. HONESTLY…WTF 4. .DAYDREAM LILY 5. BLACK EIFFEL

How funny! I only just noticed that all of their logos have white as a base color. How interesting!

I check these ladies out on a regulary basis. Hopefully I shared a few blogs that are maybe new to you and will inspire!

share out :: brave girls club

I’ve been seeing folks talking about the Brave Girls Club on facebook and twitter for a while now and thought it was about time I go see what it’s all about. When you register one of the questions they ask you is :

What does being Brave mean to you?

hummm…what a perfect question for me, seeing that I’ve been making “being brave” art for quite a while now.

So I didn’t hesitate a second and wrote this:

Being brave is doing those things that give you butterflies in your belly, but are necessary for you to grow and push beyond your comfort zone. Sometimes you need to put yourself out there and take a risk if you want to be seen and heard.

Short and sweet!

But I think it totally sums up my feeling around bravery.

share out :: Margie Livingston: Painting as Sculpture

Gosh, I just thought this was so cool that I just had to share. Margie’s work totally brought me back to the days when my palettes would have a huge pile of old paint buildup on them. I would peal them off and think they were so pretty. Of course and then I would have a terrible time deciding if I should throwing them away or keep them. Eventually they would all end up in the trash. Gosh, if I only would of had the vision that Margie has. Her objects and sculptures are very beautiful.

My paint pallette build up is nothing compaired to this…It’s stunning! And to see her process is really cool!


share out :: beautiful bridal tradition

I just had to share this with you guys because this imagery has been floating around in my head ever since I have watched this video two weeks ago.  From what I could find on the web I believe this is a bridal tradition from the Boshnjaks also called Torbeshi from the Zhupa Valley near Prizren. Simply AMAZING!!

Nusja Jone-Our Bride from Kosovo 2.0 on Vimeo.

Share Out :: Being Thankful

I’m working on being thankful these days. There was a common status update going around Facebook called “24 Days of Being Thankful”, where everyday up until Thanksgiving folks would post what they are thankful for. It started off really strong with a lot of people doing it, and then 2 weeks in, it dwindled down to just a handful of folks. It’s interesting how easily we can find things to complain about and how hard it can sometimes be to remember all the little things we are thankful for.


This year I am thankful for my amazing family and being able to pursue a creative career that I love. 



I just started reading this book 29 Gifts, How a Month of Giving can Change Your Life, and I am really liking it so far and totally inspired by Cami. So much so that I’m seriously thinking about doing her 29 day challenge.


So tell me, what are you thankful for?