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Share Out :: 5 Things I’ve been diggin’

Here are a few of the things I’ve been diggin’ lately!

1. iFontMaker Have you seen this super cool ipad app? It lets you make your own Typeface!!! How cool is that!?!

2. Red Tinted Lip Balm, because RED totally ROCKS.

3. Color by Victoria Finlay has been seriously educational and at times completely fascinating. It should be a requirement for every artist to read. These days we have no idea where our pigments were derived from. I think it’s important to know!

4. Knitting!! My daughter and I learned to knit for free at the library this summer and now there is no stopping us.

5. This little Pinterest trick to see who’s been pinning your images: 

On my nightstand


 I find these type of books fascinating. I totally love Malcolm Gladwell books and I’ve been gobbling this one up! I totally dig reading out the psychology and curious phenomena about why we do and behave they way we do. I find it incredibly insightful.

So far one of my favorite passages is where Adam write about this visual problem. I bet my creative peeps will be able to easily figure it out. You just need to think outside of the box!!

Share Out :: Maria Abramovic

I only recently learned about Maria Abramovic thought she has been performing since the 70’s. How have I not known about her before?

I ran across this article and was totally captivated by the back story around this amazing video, a moment that captures her encounter with a long lost lover at her exhibition in 2010 at the MoMa.

Have you seen it? It is so emotionally charged and quite beautiful. I really must learn more about this woman. There is a biography of her out that I puton my “to read” list. 


Just wanted to share! 

Link Love

Keeping it short and sweet today by sharing some Link LOVE!!

  1. I’m totally enjoying Jen’s FREE Video Summit. It runs until March 8th so there’s still time to join in.
  2. How cool that you can brush up on your art history here and here!
  3. have been on a mission to find the koala.
  4. I recently learned about this place from listen to Leslie over at AHA. It’s a bit more traditional media oriented, but hey sometimes you need to break out of your same old routine.
  5. And oh my gosh just today I learned about this creative learning meca!
  6. I just started using this card to get my hands on some FREE audiobooks that I’ve been wanting to listen to.
  7. And with that card I just started to listen to this while I work.
  8. Found this awesome artist owned art store that sells dry pigments. I’ve never used dry pigments before but I definitely want to give it a try.
  9. Been digging some old-time string band sound.
  10. And have been crazy busy creating and writing for these guys.

Share OUT :: Love Locks

I still have hearts in my eyes even thought valentine’s day feels like it’s already long gone. I mean who doesn’t like the idea of everlasting love? I’ve been fixated by the idea of Love Padlocks. It something that has become super popular in Europe and Asia due to a scene in this Italian book. Now if only the English version of the book was available.

The idea is that Lovers write their names together on a padlock and affix it to a bridge railing, overpass, gate, fence or other similar public place trapping their love and locking their souls together for eternity. Vowing to never separate. Gosh I’m a total sap for this kind of thing.

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share OUT :: Wishing Tree

I recently ran across this article and was totally mesmerized by the pictures. A money tree!! Kind of cool right!!! I grew up with my folks always saying that money doesn’t grow on trees. Guess that not entirely true in this case.

I did a bit more digging and found out that these trees were actually called wishing trees. They are thought to possess special spiritual power. They bring good luck and health to believes that make a votive offering to the nature spirits by hammers a coin into the tree. One wish will be granted for each coin that is knocked into the tree and remains there.

Folks have been visiting these same trees in Scotland, Ireland and England since the 1800’s paying homage and making their wishes leaving these trees with hundreds of ancient and modern day coins embedded in them. 

I find this totally fascinating and an interesting testament to faith.

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Share Out :: 2 of my new favorite tools

I just wanted to share with your two of my new favorite web tools :)

I’m totally digging the collage tool over at picmonkey. I’m amazed how easy it was and much faster than using photoshop.

And I recently ran across this really cool browser add-on that will tell you the names of the fonts your favorite web sites are using including the size, weight and style. Pretty cool, huh!?

Share Out: emeals

I can’t cook!! No really I’m not very good at it. I can follow a recipe, but any time I try to just “whip something up” it tastes awful. Sometimes it’s just enough for me to boil water and throw in spaghetti. I have no imagination when it come to cooking and whenever I’ve tried to do meal planning I would get overwhelmed and sucked into searching for recipes that I would never cook.

Meal Planing has never worked for me. That is out until now!!

We’re in a new home and with that comes a fresh start, so I thought it was time for me to try cooking an actual dinner and do some weekly meal planning.

While I was googling “meal planning” I ran across emeals and knew this was the way to go. (BONUS I got a Groupon for the yearly plan!)

And let me tell you me and my Fam LOVES it!!! We have never eaten this many amazing home cooked meals! And what’s more surprising is that I actually don’t mind preparing and cooking the dishes. I think for me the hardest part was figuring out what to make. Now, mind you, I don’t cook all 7 of the meals recipes that they provide. We pick 2 or 3 and plan for leftovers. Our new routime is to take the grocery list that they give us and do our shopping on Sunday and then we’re set for the week. And oh my the shopping has also been so much easier!!

I picked the Clean Eating Plan and so far we’ve had spicy roasted salmon with roasted figs that were to die for, some super tasty tilapia, a variety of kale salads and some of the yummiest curried chicken I’ve ever had. Who knew that I can actually cook these super healthy and tasty meals!! 

emeals has totally changed the way we do dinner around here!!

conferences, summits and retreats…oh my!

Conferences, summits and retreats…oh my! How to keep up with all these amazing creative events that are happening around the country. I wish I could go to them all!! Well, that and speak at one of two of them. Yep, that’s totally one of those things on my life-time list :)

Here are just a few that are on my wish list: 

Art & SoulWorld Domination SummitArtFestAlt Summit, HOW Design Live, Squam

Do you have a favorites that you just HAVE to attend?  I sometimes find it’s hard to stay on top of all these amazing things that are happening. I’ve cut down on on my time online, to concentrate more on creating art. Which in turn, means I’m not always the first to know when there’s an event coming up. Oh well c‘est la vie.