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a sample kind of day

My head has been down with my noise to the grind as I try finish all my prep for Surtex. Time seems to be slipping thru my fingers and I don’t seem to be able to move fast enough. And everything is takes 10x longer then it should because of unforeseen issues (like my computer crashing every 10 minutes with the enormous files I’ve been working on). I guess that’s the way it is when a deadline gets closer and closer.

But on the upside the samples are just rolling in!! :-)

 This is my wedding gift bag for Haynes Besco!! I was really surprised when I opened the box because in my original files the flower was all cream with hits of light pink and the blue buds were also pink. But I think it turned out great and I actually really like the blue version :-)


Megan and my joint postcards just came in!! I think they came out really well. Now I’m working on cleaning up my mailing list and am hoping to get these bad boys out in circulation by the end of next week.

And my glass mounted wall art for Whispering Magic Words came in just in time for our Sweet Spot Give Away!!

Personalize & Transform :: My Work’s Now Available On Skin it!!


Who doesn’t like to personalize and transform their digital devices to make them their own. Well, now you can re-skin your your laptop, mobile phone or pretty much any mobile or digital device with one of my lovely designs from Skin It!! I’m so excited, that I’m now feeling the urge to upgrade my iphone and maybe a new laptop might be in order too!!