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in my studio

Oh my gosh you guys. I can’t even begin to tell you how busy I was last week. The state of my studio before I left for family camp I think says it all. It was a totally mad rush to finsh all the things that I had in the works before I headed off to enjoy a week of fun.

I’m going to try to keep it off line this week to fully embrace the outdoors and all the fun family activities. So see you all next week :)

on my desktop :: In the Trenches

I had a fantastic show and I’m planning on sharing a few thought and pictures, but right now I am totally in the trenches trying to wrap up all my follow up!! I have no idea how other folks were able to write and post their recaps so fast. I needed to take a couple of days to recover and get back on the right time zone!!! Then of course, there was Memorial Day weekend and my birthday which needed some celebrating!! So, you’ll have to hang tight until I can get a bit more caught up! :)

on my desktop :: magnet works

Oh my gosh you guys!! I was crazy sick last week and under an even crazier deadline. Usually I hold up pretty well against the germs that my daughter tends to bring home, but this one hit me like a ton of bricks. I winded up with bronchitis :( You should of seen me in my pj coughing away just trying to finish up and get a huge batch of files out the door. I was so worn down that I didn’t have it in me to post even one little thing.

…Well this isn’t little news at all. It’s a bit BIGGER and way more exciting then that!!! Check out some of these product images that I have sitting on my desktop :)

I’m SUPER excited to be working with Sue and Anne over at Magnet Works !! I just love Anne, and getting to know Sue has been a pleasure. These ladies are AWESOME to work with.

It feels wonderful to be working with good people at a good company!! :)

Don’t they look great?! And, these are only SOME of the products that will be featuring my Art!!

The ones you see here will be available to retailers in the Fall/Winter 2012 Early Buy catalog, and to the general public in July!!

Not to worry I’ll be sure to keep you posted on where you can get your hands on these babies :)


on my desk :: What I’ve been up to lately

A few things that I have on my desk these days. Books Birds, and Handmade Patterns.

Some books that I I’ve been flipping through lately. Mainly all about folk art. For the past few years I’ve been really enamored by it. I like the simplification of forms, the almost childlike drawings, the symbolism and the way the art was integrated into everyday life, both in objects and family documents. 

I’ve been drawing a lot of birds for a recent assignment and I’m rather fond of the way these are turning out.

The funny thing is, that am actually deathly afraid of birds, AND I have a crazy scary fear of Pigeons. They make me jump and wince if they start coming too near.  On two separate occasions now, I’ve been dive-bombed by a bird that has plucked out my hair. So, I’m fearful for good reason (well sort of).

And I’ve been experimenting with making stamps and creating patterns. I really rather like the way these turned out. You might even see one or two of these wind up as background to a new piece of art.