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in my studio :: a good kind of mess

I’ve been working on a few new projects, finishing up some other big ones and preparing for NYC. You could say I’ve been busy!! I’m super excited to be hosting The Sweet Spot event with Megan Halsey. It’s going to be a ton of fun. 

So, I thought I’d share with you a picture of what my studio has been looking like lately. And yes those are 3 Pringles tubes in the background on my desk. They aren’t my normal choice for a snack, but I needed the tubes for a craft project so no sense letting the chips go to waste ;)

Around Here

A little of this a splash of that. There’s been a lot of making going on around here for the book I’m working on. Coming up with the ideas, writing all of the copy, creating the projects and designing all of the additional illustrations that go with every project. It’s been a ton of work but definitely super enjoyable. I have a month left to wrap everything up and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s funny some how the closer I get to the end the faster time seems to speeds up. I’m looking forward to finishing. To having a break and to starting something new again. To picking up where I left off with a project that had to be put on the back burner while I work on this book. Gosh I can’t wait till I can share with you everything I’ve been working on!! xo

On My desktop:: a little of this a little of that

It’s been a busy week with a little of this and a little of that. It’s interesting how quickly the week has slipped away from me but yet there were moments when it felt like time was standing still. Our perception of time is such a strange and funny thing. Sometimes having a minute longer is just enough time to finish up and at other times it doesn’t matter how many more minutes you have it will never be enough. Time keeps on ticking and I’m just starting to feel like I’m getting a handle on this year and am starting to get back in my grove.

And speaking of getting back into the grove, I’m hoping to start a weekly creative co-working group with some like minded folks that also live in the SF East Bay. I thought it would be a great way to stay connected and have some company while I worked. For the past two years I had been to be part of an artist & crafter entrepreneurial group that met on a weekly basis but unfortunately over this past summer the group has disbanded. Since then I’ve been seriously missing the comradery. So, if you live in the Bay Area and are interested in being part of something like this drop me a line and lets chat!

around here…

My studio looks like it was hit by a tornado, and that’s about as fast as I’ve been moving. I’m up to my elbows in painting and craft supplies, but I’m not complaining. I’ve got some exciting things in the works!!!

 One of which I will be revealing to you very shortly :) A bit cryptic I know, but I have to keep your curiosity piqued somehow!!

In the meantime here’s a quick look around the studio. – xo

p.s. if you look closely you should be able to spot a clue or two :)

on my desk :: the current state of affairs


This has been the current state of my art desk since before the Thanksgiving Holiday. A little bit of everything every where. A total working and functioning mess. Functioning being the key word. So, as long as I’m being productive I’m ok with the current state of disarray.

My work area always gets really messy when I’m busy. And I have a good feeling that my studio will soon look like a crafting bomb went off in it. I have a few big projects on the horizon that I’m looking forward to getting down and dirty with them :)

a little snapshot of what’s been on my desktop

I just wanted to share a little snapshot of what I’ve had up on my desktop this past week.

It was a crazy busy mix of deadlines, launching the Ornament Exchange and planning a Halloween sleep over for my daughter and her friends. Whew! And the thing is I don’t think this pace is going to slow down any time soon. It’s insane how quickly days and week fly by once the holiday season starts to set in.  

on my desktop :: karma goddess

Karma. Mine and Yours.

I’ve talked about trust, karma, and how hard it can sometimes be to do the right thing. But what about when you make a mistake and unintentionally do someone wrong? What then? How long do you carry the guilt? And what if they choose not to forgive you?

We must keep in mind that we are all just human, and take some comfort in knowing that each and everyone of us makes mistakes. The real test is how you handle yourself when you do and the lesson(s) you take away and carry with you. Sometimes the only thing you can do is apologize. Then it is up to the other person to either accept or reject that apology. I think as a society we tend to discredit and easily dismiss that admitting you were wrong is hard for all of us to do. It takes a lot of courage, can be humiliating and you sometimes run the risk of even being ridiculed. I think that we also tend to forget that the person doing the apologizing is hurting too.

Having compassion has to go both ways and I believe that how someone handles the situation is their karma, and how you react is yours. Forgiveness can be very powerful and freeing. So, we must remember to forgive others as well as ourselves. That’s the only way you’ll ever find inner peace. This karma goddess collection I made is a reminder to be gentle and trust in the good that is within.

on my desktop :: a layout or three

THIS has been taking up all of my time lately. I’m super excited about how it’s starting to shaping up. I can’t even begin to tell you how much planning, brainstorming, outlining, testing and prep has already gone into these three little layouts. But you have to start with a good foundation, especially since they will be leading to at least 48 more!! Whew! Sometimes fleshing out the first few is the hardest. Hoping to get them out the door by Friday :)

on my night stand

This is what I’ve been recently been reading.

A few weeks back I went to an Author’s Evening to benefit my daughter’s school hosted by the lovely Laura Bovard. The authors who spoke were Kristine CarlsonDon’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms, Amy AhlersBig Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves and Christine AryloChoosing Me Before We. I really identified with Christine and loved her energy. I just had to walk out with her book and wanted to share it with you :)

on my desktop :: parisian art

Just a little look at what’s been on my desktop the last couple of months. There’s nothing quite like working on Christmas in the spring and summer months. I guess it’s a good thing I actually enjoy celebrating the holidays.

And shouldn’t we all try to be in a place of thankfulness and genorisoity year round anyway?!?