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i am powerful!

This piece of artwork has been stuck in my head since Ava Blu brought it home from Summer School. I’ve been missing her and am looking forward to her coming home tomorrow!!

“My name is Ava Blu.

I am powerful and

I am an artist”

What amazing clarity and confidence she has about herself at 6 1/2. My hope is that she will always feel this way. It truly made my heart sing!! –What a great remember that this is true for all of us, myself included!


I am powerful

 I am an artist!  

…and I know that the way I think, feel and believe is what truly determines my own destiny.

some highlights from “the lair”

Oh my gosh, can I just tell you this was such a great kick off to the summer!!! Who would have thought I’d enjoy family camp as much as I actually did!!

The parents of one of Ava Blu’s classmate convinced us to join them and I’m so glad that we did!! It was so great to be with another creative mama that I actually connect with. And the icing on the cake was that our girls were inseparable the whole time. I truly think I came out of this experience with a new friend :)

There were tons of activities planned each and every day, all day long!! There even were “adult only” activities. The morning yoga and sunset wine and cheese hike have to have been among my favorites.

On most days while Ava Blu was off with her age group making bird feeders and hiking the forest with her counselor I spent a good amount of time at the Art Shack :) I must of burned a full 2 days attempted to throw a pot on a kick wheel. It was a ton of fun, very dirty and SUPER HARD!! In the end I just wound up painting a pre-made mug. I think I might need to sign up for a pottery class if I really want to learn how to throw a pot.

All the meals were served family style in the dining hall and although some folks with a more green organic diet might find the menu to be a bit sub-par, I was just grateful that I didn’t have to cook or clean the dishes! (and how fun, they actually rang  a triangles to call you in to eat.)

Camp Oski definitely had this nostalgic feeling of being back in a time where things were simpler. You could pretty much let the kids run free. And the counselor, what an amazing and talented group of students!! Ava Blu enjoyed their company so much that we left with a few numbers for babysitters in the fall!

This camping experience was AWESOME!!! Ava Blu was super sad to leave and 3 days in was already asking if we could come back next year. I’d totally recommend it to any family with kiddos that live in NorCal.

I think we will definitely be returning!!

How to catch a leprechaun

So how do you catch a leprechaun you ask? Well you build them a beautiful house of course! :) In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Ava Blu had a school assignment to make a leprechaun trap.

So, this past weekend we went out, hunted and gathered supplies and on Saturday built a house for our leprechaun. Why would he want to leave after seeing this sweet little cottage that we made. 

… and I’m happy to report that our leprechaun has spent the night in his new bed and left a few treats behind for Ava Blu to say thank you for such a beautiful new home.

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It’s been an ALL Halloween weekend!! Both in Art and Real Life :-)

Saturday I took Ava Blu and her BFF to the Harvest Festival at Ardenwood. There was Horse-drawn train rides, Cider Pressing, Corn Picking, Corn Husk Doll Making, a Pumpkin Patch, Ice Cream Making. Lets just say there was a ton of stuff to do.The best part had to have been running through the corn fields picking our own corn!! Each girl went home with a shopping bag full of popping corn (that you can actually POP!) and indian corn.

We spent the entire day there and I couldn’t believe that these little girls still had energy to spare. I was exhausted by the end but we had so much fun!! If you live in the bay area you should definitely check out this historical park.

ABC’s & 1 2 3′s


Kindergarten is no longer ABC’s & 1 2 3′s. I honestly had no idea how fast pace is was going to be or how quickly they were going to blow through the basics.

Last week was a tough week. I was unprepared for how intense Kindergarten was going to be. We had a rude awakening when we attended the open house and got the rundown of the years curriculum. Ava Blu’s a smart kiddo, but how can she keep up if she was never taught this stuff.

You see, we didn’t send Ava Blu to a traditional pre-school. She was in a at-home daycare. At the time I thought it was the best decision. The hours worked best with my schedule, it was reasonably affordable, and I liked the lady that was running the program. Ava Blu was comfortable there and so was I, but maybe a bit too comfortable. It was simply easier for me to keep her there, then it was for me to coordinate the juggling act that would have had to occur if we had put her in a pre-school. I had somehow convinced myself that her daycare was covering all the basic pre-schooler stuff anyway, so she would be fine. I mean it was just kindergarten.

Well, I was wrong, and last week I was feeling like a terrible mom. I should have prepared her more. I should have put her in a pre-school program. I should have done more. I should of know better and trusted my gut. I broke down into tears more then a couple of times. I was (and still am) feeling really guilty that I didn’t prepare Ava Blu for such an academic first year of school.

But now that the weekend has passed and I’ve had sometime to sit with it, I’m better. I accept where we are at this moment and know we can only move forward and start from where we stand today. I’m so grateful that I am now working for myself and have more flexibility then I ever had. I can easily pick her up before 6pm and spend the extra time that will be necessary to get her up to speed with the rest of her class. I guess there’s always a silver lining :-)

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hair styling by :: Ava Blu

I recently downloaded this app for Ava Blu and all I can say is WOW!!! What a well designed app!! Great illustrations and great interface!!

Now, I’ve downloaded and tried out a ton kids apps and I’ve learned not to expect too much as most fall short of my expitations. Either the interface is too hard to navagatre, the accompaning music makes my ears bleed or the illustation and design is so bad that I just can’t stand to look at it.

BUT this company is reallly raising the bar and putting out some quality kids apps. This should be the standard of what apps for kids should look like.

Totally makes me want to do some work with them!! We liked the Hair Salon so much that we just had to download their other apps :-)

running a bit behind the 8 ball

With school just starting, I’m running a bit behind the 8 ball this week. And to be honest it’s looking like I’m not going to get much work done…well not until we get Ava Blu gets into a routine, including an after school program. She gets out of class at 2:15 and on Wednesdays they have early dismissal. As if 2:15 wasn’t early enough!!

We’re waiting for things to shake out a little bit more and my fingers are crossed that she’ll be able to get into the rec center after school program. It’s the same place where she went to camp this summer and right now we’re on the wait list :( We do have a plan B, but we can’t wait too long to make that decision. I would hate for it to fill up too.

And then there’s also coordinating Spanish Class, TheaterLab, Gymnastics. This is all new to us. And ALL this coordinating is a bit overwhelming and quite frankly a lot of work!!


For homework this week Ava Blu needed to learn how to tie her shoes. Now I know how to tie shoes, but how do I teach it!? It’s become so second nature that I don’t even think about it when I’m doing it. All I can say is Thank-goodness for the internet and youtube!!! I did a little search and it turned up this really COOL and super EASY way to do it.

So we both learned how to do it at the same time!! She totally got a kick out of that :-)


ahhh…I can’t believe it!!

ahhh…I can’t believe it!!! My little girl, isn’t little anymore. I now officially have a kindergartner!!! I swear I was having more anxiety around this day then she was. Ava Blu was all giggles and smiles as she lined up and headed off to her new classroom for her first day of school. She picked out her own outfit and accessories the night before, so she would be ready to go in the morning. So, so incredibly cute. I’m so glad she had a great start to the begining of the new school year.

Summer Camp!!

Today, was actually, Ava Blu’s first day of summer camp and I was more anxious and nervous then she was. I was up way way too early fretting about how it was going to go while I was making her lunch. Worrying that the drop off was going to be a terrible tearfest, but in the end she just waved good-bye and walked away with a huge smile on her face. She didn’t even turning around once to look back. I’m so glad she had a great first day!!! :-)