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some highlights from “the lair”

Oh my gosh, can I just tell you this was such a great kick off to the summer!!! Who would have thought I’d enjoy family camp as much as I actually did!!

The parents of one of Ava Blu’s classmate convinced us to join them and I’m so glad that we did!! It was so great to be with another creative mama that I actually connect with. And the icing on the cake was that our girls were inseparable the whole time. I truly think I came out of this experience with a new friend :)

There were tons of activities planned each and every day, all day long!! There even were “adult only” activities. The morning yoga and sunset wine and cheese hike have to have been among my favorites.

On most days while Ava Blu was off with her age group making bird feeders and hiking the forest with her counselor I spent a good amount of time at the Art Shack :) I must of burned a full 2 days attempted to throw a pot on a kick wheel. It was a ton of fun, very dirty and SUPER HARD!! In the end I just wound up painting a pre-made mug. I think I might need to sign up for a pottery class if I really want to learn how to throw a pot.

All the meals were served family style in the dining hall and although some folks with a more green organic diet might find the menu to be a bit sub-par, I was just grateful that I didn’t have to cook or clean the dishes! (and how fun, they actually rang  a triangles to call you in to eat.)

Camp Oski definitely had this nostalgic feeling of being back in a time where things were simpler. You could pretty much let the kids run free. And the counselor, what an amazing and talented group of students!! Ava Blu enjoyed their company so much that we left with a few numbers for babysitters in the fall!

This camping experience was AWESOME!!! Ava Blu was super sad to leave and 3 days in was already asking if we could come back next year. I’d totally recommend it to any family with kiddos that live in NorCal.

I think we will definitely be returning!!

trust, karma, and doing the right thing

I’m coming to find that sometimes doing the “right” thing is way harder then I thought it would be. It’s so much easier to get mad and angry then it is to do right by someone else. It’s interesting, we’re such introspective and self aware beings that having empathy and taking others peoples feeling into consideration is definitely a learned skill. Well, for me it is anyway. It’s something I have to consciously work at. It doesn’t come naturally, but it’s definitely worth the effort. It’s all about Respect for yourself, Respect for others and taking Responsibility for your actions. As Wayne Dyer says “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

obsessed with vampires and witches

I just finished the first part of a BIG project, and after the last set of proofs were dropped off at the post office it was time to seriously veg, chill out and recharge.

So what did I do? I went on a tv bender watching episode after episode of the Vampire Diaries. I totally got sucked in!

I actually have a thing for stories about vampires and witches. I loved the Twilight series, couldn’t put down A Discovery of Witches  and I’m a huge J.K Rowling fan.

I totally love this stuff! And whenever I “get into” a series I totally get obsessed. I just have to know what will happen next. Which usually results in me staying up much later then I should just to find out. I can’t help but root for the good guys and somehow I always wind up feeling connected to the characters. 

The idea of good verses evil, love conquering all, eternal hope, having faith in the unknown and defeating the odds, are all themes that I totally connect with! I think we all do. Why else would films like Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings be so popular? I just happen to prefer a more femine slant with a good romantic love story mixed in.

ease up

Some words that were meant for me to see. I always over do things 120% and I need to learn how to ease up and simplify. Simple can be just as beautiful and sometimes more so then complex things.  Keeping it simple. -That just might be my word phrase for 2012.

a late night soak under a full moon

photos by David Jonas & Michael Rymer

A friend of mine had mentioned  going to Esalen a while back and it sounded amazing. Well let me tell you it is!! On an impromptu long weekend down to Carmel & Asilomar we decided to see if we could get a reservation to soak in the hot springs.

It took an insane number of trys calling before we actually were able to get through and get a reservation. You see they only open 20 spots from 1-3am AND you can only book the day of no advance reservations.

So after we actually had our spot booked…my thoughts went straight to bathing suit or al’natural? Did I have the nerve to soak in the buff?! I must admit I had some anxiety over it. Strangely more about people seeing my tattoo then actually seeing me nude. In the end I left the suit at the hotel (so there would be no way I could chicken out) and I enjoyed an absolutely amazing evening!! It’s just one of those experiences you need to check off your “life list” especally if you live in the bay area!!

I’d love to go again and maybe stay and take a workshop or two.

clothing diet

Last year, right around this time, I read this article in the New York Times about this web challenge called Six Items or Less and felt super inspired. Now, I knew that there would be no way that I could go down to only 6 items in my wardrobe, nor did I have enough restrain and willpower to not shop for a year, like the folks that were doing the The Great American Apparel Diet. But, I did think that I could definitely simplify and weed out all of the crazy patterns and colors that were hanging in my closet. (Which to be honest, I didn’t feel comfortable wearing on a everyday basis, for fear of people noticing the repeat items). So I decided that wanted to come up with a daily uniform of sorts to make my mornings and life a little less hectic. That weekend I did a HUGE purge and and instuted a few self-inflected rules and guidelines for myself.

Black, White, Neural Base Colors & Denim

I allow color to enter my wardrobe thru accessories such as scarfs (that are a bit of a staple for me), sweaters and jewelry. That give me just enough splash of color to makes me feel fashion forward and current.

So, it’s coming up on a year, that I’ve instituted this system, and I have to say that it’s totally working for me! And it’s actually been quite freeing! Now, I know it’s not for everyone, and who’s to say that I’m not going to one day fall in love with an amazing colorful printed top that I absolutely “must have’, but for now it’s just the kind of simplicity that I need in my life. And you know what, I don’t think anyone’s ever noticed :-)

happy birthday to me

My 35th birthday kind of snuck up on me, I knew it was coming but it still managed to hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve been thinking about getting my noise pierced and wondering if I’m too old. Did I miss that window?

And now I can’t decide if I’m just thinking about it because I’m feeling old or if it’s because I really do want to get my noise pierced. There was a time in college where I really wanted a noise ring. I didn’t do it because my roommate got her noise pierced before me, and well, we couldn’t both have our noises pierced. ‘Cause that would of just been dumb. But was it just a fad that I’m feeling I was left out of? I don’t know. So I’m going to do the mature thing and wait to see if I still really want it in a month. Time has a way of giving these type of things perspective.

Enjoying a mom’s day weekend before showtime

No one likes to wait 2 hours for a table. That’s what happened last year, so we decided to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday to beat the crowds. We went to my all time favorite breakfast place la Note in Berkeley. We sat outside on the patio and though it wasn’t exactly warm the weather was still nice enough to enjoy the outdoors. Ava Blu thoroughly enjoyed her Strawberry Steamer (notice her manicure – purple nail polish with white tips!! A very specific request that was very hard for me to paint with such wiggly hands. The things we do for love. :) and I had les Oeufs Lucas (Two eggs lightly scrambled with goat cheese, chives, served with roasted tomatoes) which are about the fluffiest eggs I’ve ever tasted. If you live in the Bay Area you have to try this place. (but definitely be prepared to wait)

This had to be one of the first weekend I didn’t work in a really loooooog time. It felt really good to take some time to relax and enjoy my family. But I have to admit I also felt a bit guilty. I did check the occasional email and wrote a to-do list or two, but it was pretty minimal. I still have a bunch of little things to do before the show, that hopefully I’ll be able to to get all wrapped up between today and tomorrow. But all in all, I feel strangely calm. Definitely not as nervous as I was last year, more like waiting for the excitement to kick in. Just as long as I survive the flight and don’t get too jet-lagged. Have you been listening to all the craziness that has been happening with flying lately? I woke up this morning, to the radio talking about a man storming the cockpit on a flight to SFO last night. The flight attendant, with the help of some passengers were able to subdued the man. This is not the kind of stuff you want to hear before you’re about to fly across the country. I find it a bit terrifying and am trying really hard not to think about. So, for right now I’m thinking good thought and am getting ready to see my LIDL ladies!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!