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My 29-Day Giving Challenge :: Day 29

my 29-day challenge ended softly:: 

With a trip to the park (even thought I didn’t really want to go) and some super snuggle time.

wrap up:

Going thru the steps to consciously give everyday pushed me outside of my comfort zone and expanded my boundaries. It made me take action on things I would often think about but wouldn’t necessarily follow thru and do. Making that extra effort to effect someone else’s life even in the smallest of ways was exciting and it actually gave me a little jolt of happiness and pride. I’m so glad I did it!!

My 29-Day Giving Challenge :: Day 28

Some words of encouragement ::

I went to high school with Bridget. What I remember most is being in awe of her talent and outward courage to express herself. Bridget was always so self confident and never cared about what others thought. < I sooo wanted to be like that, but alas deep down I did care (and a bit too much).

Bridget is an awesomely talented lady and I just know she’s going to totally Rock It at MassArt!!

My 29-Day Giving Challenge :: Day 21

breakfast :: a trip to the candy shop :: and a little support for the Tahoe Fund

I made some pancakes for breakfast for the whole house!! It’s one of the few things I can actually cook.

Then later that afternoon while we (and when I say “we” I mean AB) were ice skating Ava Blu and her friend spotted the candy shop and asked if they could go in. How could I say no!? They each got a bag and picked out a few sweets!! Just look at those happy faces.

…and while we were there I picked up a new hat and when I was paying at the register decided to add a couple of bucks to my bill to contribute to the Tahoe Fund.

My 29-Day Giving Challenge :: Day 20

bloody marys & a tahoe sleep over ::

 I played bartender and whipped up some super spicy bloody mary’s for us to drink!

….and we had a two little girls “sleep over” in our room :) They were super excited about it and thankfully fell asleep really quickly. A day of skiing will do that I guess!