Topic: The Power of Color

The power of color :: RED

Red has been my power color since I was kid. My first pair of glasses were red-rimmed just like Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Lynda Carter). And in college you could always find me sporting bright red ruby lips. I think I need to invest in another tube of lipstick and reclaim my power.

Red is strong, bold and powerful. It cuts through like a knife. Red is the longest wavelength of light and is the highest arc in the rainbow. It is the first color you lose sight of at twilight and is know for holding the most personal meaning for folks.

Red is H-O-T HOT. It is commonly associated with love, passion, warmth and aggression. Red is both the color of Cupid and the Devil. Of all the hues red is the most potent and full of duality. This hue can conjures up a range of conflicting emotions from rage and anger to fearlessness and lust. Red is the color of blood and with that comes many healing properties such as energizing the heart and blood circulation as well as stimulating ovulation and bringing warmth and energy to a fatigued person.

Red is dripping with confidence. It grabs your attention and makes people take notice.  Get an easy boost of confidence by applying a coat of red lipstick to your lips. Red lips has been a sign of immortality for centuries. The Egyptian even went so far as to made sure they were buried with pots of rouge for just for that reason. Red amulets were even worn to help prolong life.

In Eastern Cultures, like China, red is the color of happiness, good luck and prosperity. In India it represents purity. A bride’s wedding gown has traditionally been red for centuries in both China and India. While in South Africa it is the color of mourning.

Red is know for stimulating the appetite and increase your cravings for food which is why you will often find it being used in restaurant decor and logos. Red has been know to improve your memory and increase your focus and in the practice of Feng Shui a red door means “Welcome”.

A little bit of red goes a long way. You need to strike a delicate balance when using red in your life. Too much can make you irritable and angry. Too little and you may become fearful and easily manipulated.

Red Symbolizes: passion, action, speed, attention-getting, confidence, boldness, power,  courage, strength, aggression, anger, ruthless, rebellion, fearlessness, rich, regal, seedy, sexy, self-assurance, empowered, assertion, danger, prosperity, purity, life- giving, sacred fire, , leadership, ambition joy, luck, excitement, vigor, vitality, strength, danger, war,  revolution, happiness

Shades of Red: blood red, china red, vermilion red, crimson, fire engine red, scarlet, brick red, burgundy, maroon, ruby, rust, rouge, tomato red

the power of color: purple

There has never been a color more shrouded in mystery and royalty then the color purple. Purple has power! It’s traditionally associated with royalty, wealth and ambition. It holds a richness and authority that demands respect. Purple is an ambitious color that is completely self-assured.

Purple was often reserved for only royalty and popes. In roman times, Julius Caesar even decreed that only the emperor could wear purple. The Japanese took it a step further by naming it “Imperial Purple”

Purple and Violet are often used interchangeably. The difference is that violet is included in the visual spectrum of the rainbow. It vibrating at the highest  most powerful visible wavelength, where as Purple is created by mixing red and blue. Did you know that purple is actually the hardest  color for our eyes to discriminate. Even those that work with color have trouble discerning the difference between red/violet and blue/violet.

Purple is an introspective color that allows you to get in touch with your deeper self. It stimulates the imagination and inspires the inception of higher ideas. Purple if often used to help form a union between the body and soul creating a balance between the physical and spiritual. It uplifts the spirit and calms the mind.

For generations artist, poets, writers and musicians have all been inspired by this colors magic and mystery. Invite imagination and a little more creative harmony into your life by donning a purple amethyst, carrying a purple crystal or wearing a purple scarf. But be warned, a little goes a long way, too much purple can bring out the gremlins for those that are easily susceptible to depression or moodiness.

A sliding color scale.  Different tints and hues of purple tend to have different meaning. Lighter shades of purple carry more feminine energy with Lavender often being called the “grown-up” pink. A lighter shade is more delicate and romantic and often has a nostalgic or light-hearted ambiance. While darker hues tend to be more dignified and powerful sometimes evoking a feeling of doom. And then the brighter more vivid shades suggest richness and royalty.

Purple Symbolizes:  magic, mystery, intrigue, royalty, wealth, ambition, richness, pride, fulfillment, independence, intuition, intellectual, creativity, enlightenment, spirituality, calm, peace, vitality, power, passion, uniqueness, wisdom, dignity, devotion

The Power of Color: BLUE

Blue is a powerful and complex color with more contradictory meanings then any other color in the spectrum. But you won’t find me singing the blues here, instead I’ll be focusing on the positive energy, power and symbolism that is the color BLUE.

Blue is one of my favorite colors!!

It was my wedding color and the color that my husband and I chose to included in my daughter’s name. Ava Blu.

Blue is the color of the most of our world. Sea and sky, heaven and earth.  It is the color of confidence, faith, spirituality and intelligence not to mention the color of my favorite pair of jeans.!

The energy and vibe that blue provides is powerful and can be used to help relax, gain perspective and open up the flow of communication. It’s incredibly soothing, which makes blue pajamas just about the perfect choice. And if you have a speech or big test to cram for blue index cards make an excellent backdrop to help you organize your thoughts, prepare and remember all your talking points.  If you feeling a bit frazzled and your nerves are frayed wear a blue gemstone like a blue sapphire or topaz around your neck to create some inner peace and calm. 

And oh my gosh! Did you know that the color blue is actually a natural appetite suppressant. I think I’m going to need to add a little blue to my kitchen to help support my life plan for eating a healthier diet.

Blue Symbolizes: confidence, faith, spirituality, heaven, peace, infinity, wisdom, authority, trust & understanding, relaxation & calm, cool, dignity, health & healing