Topic: ooh la la!

ooh lala! – fashionable color palettes

Look at all these wonderful color palettes! Who says color palettes are only what artists consider. We can utilize color theory every day in our outfits!

source: Browneyed Belle Julie :: source: Atlantic-Pacific

These two outfits above make great use of color blocking—all solid colors coming together to make a beautiful combination.

source: J Crew :: source: Crush Cul De Sac

Neutrals—always in style. I love the black and white and cream combination. Classic yet effective.

Colors can really make or break an illustration or even an outfit!

ooh lala! – inspiring wall decor

ooh la la! Look at these wonderful wall decor ideas. 

The mountain wallpaper (the photograph on the left in the diptych) and the wonderful wallpaper in the kitchen below are by Minakani Walls. What creative ideas that completely light up a room!



I love this wall decal of a tree, especially its placement behind the couch. It creates a whimsical and pastoral sensation within the living room. 


Any ideas of another creative way to revamp a wall? 

ooh lala! – florals!


Happy Friday! For this weeks ooh la la! I am showing a melody of floral prints that seem to be everywhere for spring. From the runway to wallpapers, it seems floral on floral is the emphasis right now. Where are you incorporating florals in your creativity this spring?





ooh la la! – Tim Burton


Sofia here! Today I wanted to point out Tim Burton’s amazing illustrations. They are so imaginative and well drawn. Last summer I saw his exhibit at the LACMA and I absolutely fell in love with his artistic style. He is mostly famous for his movies, but I think it is important to highlight his very talented drawing and illustration skills that go somewhat unnoticed by most!




Isn’t it amazing how this illustration of Edward Scissorhands translated so well into the film? It looks exactly like how Johnny Depp was costumed in the movie.

ooh lala! – cityscape art

Happy Friday! This week I wanted to show two artists who translate a city into art in their own style. 

Wu Guanzhong was a contemporary Chinese artist whose style reminds me of some of the impressionist painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I love how simple and sketchy his painting style is while still translating the image of a city to his viewers. The colors are also fabulous!

Minh Dam presents another view of the city – a view from the streets rather than Guanzhong’s viewpoint from the oustide looking in. Dam is a watercolorist, architect, and interior designer from Vietnam and currently working in Poland. His style is a little more realiztic than Guanzhong’s but the medium of water color creates a dreamlike effect—or perhaps its raining!

ooh la la! – Abelardo Morell


This week, I wanted to share the wonderfully creative photographer Abelardo Morell. He is a contemporary photographer working in old camera formats—particularly the camera obscura and tent camera. 


1. Tent-Camera Image on Ground: Florence Baptistry, 2010


2. Camera Obscura: View of Central Park Looking North-Spring, 2010


3. Manhattan View Looking West in Empty Room, 1996

In order to produce these compelling images, Morell transforms a room into a camera through shutting out all light except for a concisely formed hole through which light can permeate. Within the room, he uses a view camera and pointing it at the wall and opens the lens and lets the image appear on the film for eight hours. Through this pre-photographic process, Morell inventively produces an image of the outside world in an interior altering our perception of reality.

ooh lala! – Dave Mott

Hello all, I’m Sofia ~ Cindy Ann’s new intern! I will be guest blogging for the “ooh la la!” posts. Essentially, every Friday I will post something that struck my fancy and share it with all of you. Sometimes it may be an illustration or perhaps a color scheme or inspiring photograph—stay tuned!

Dave Mott is an illustrator/designer I found on pinterest. This feather “f” is a series of illustrated letters he is creating by hand. I thought his idea was ingenious! How fun to compose the letter “f” with an object that starts with “f”! Not to mention his beautiful drawing technique—I think these letters are exquisite!