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My name is Cindy Ann Ganaden and I am a former Design Manager at Old Navy as well as a former Art Director from Papyrus. I’ve recently set out to pursue my own career in licensing and illustration. My experience spans over 10 years ranging from Fortune 500 employment to freelance. During this time I have developed a keen sense of vision and I’m able to tell what sort of artwork will sell. I also have a understanding of full cycle product development – from market research & trend analysis, creation, design, and final production. All of which has helped me develop my own work and style.




4C Charity Cards


Barton Cotton

Brand Castle

Bike NY

Chocolate Sophisticate

Chronicle Books

Cook Communication

Creative Co-Op

dgInventive/Paper Prince

Earth Balance Bag Company








Leanin’ Tree

Magnet Works

Old Navy

OM Baby Food

The Paper Magic Group


Quarry Books

Marian Heath Greeting Cards

Murals Your Way

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

Skin It

Fun Tidbits

I’m an east coast girl who has been playing house in the Bay Area for the last 12 years. I’m really good at baking brownies, I love the idea of gardening but have two brown-thumbs. I’m an artist and I license my illustrations and designs for gift and retail products. I like to collect witty quotes, and have been know to color outside the lines and on the walls. I’m Mama to Ava Blu and have a shadow I call Penny. A couple of years ago I was persuaded to talk about my an art licensing story on Artist Tara Reed’s Art Licensing Story Series.


    I am

  • an artist.
  • fun to be around.
  • highly motivated.
  • a minimalist at heart, a clutterbug at home.
  • trying to make my dreams come true.
  • determined to succeed.
  • a published author.
  • more physically active then I’ve ever been.
  • innovative.
  • sometimes afraid but still do it anyway.
  • a passionate designer.
  • a mama.
  • a rippin’ snowboarder.
  • competitive.
  • a visual problem solver.
  • a connoisseur of fine ice cream.
  • sometimes easygoing,
  • sometimes not.
  • tone deaf, but still sing anyway.
  • a fan of simplicity.
  • someone who works best under pressure.
  • originally from the East Coast.
  • now a SF Bay Area home dweller.
  • a quick learner.
  • always up for a challenge.