I post therefore I am…


This has been something that has been on my mind and bothering me lately. Does what I share define who I am? I’ve been feeling a little disenchanted with social media lately. I can’t pin point one specific thing. It’s just been a general feeling of dissatisfaction. Is all the time that I’m spending online actually worth it? It’s become such an oversaturated and overloaded space that I find the noise level deafening at times.

I use to faithfully follow a list of about 25 blogs. I no longer do that. And now, with even more amazing blogs and resources available online I feel like there is just too much to try to keep up with. I’m curious to know if you still read certain blogs on a regular basis or if it has also become too much for you too?

I think I’m needing to approach things differently. I’m just not sure exactly what that is yet. I’d love to know how do you stay connected to your peers and creative community? Is it all online? In-person? Skype? Email? Over the phone? I feel like I’ve fallen for the “I post therefore I am” mentality and I’m needing to change things up and start fostering some more authentic, real and off-line relationships?

Have you all seen Sherry Turkle’s Ted Talk? It’s what has inspired me to post about this today.