Homemade Craft Connection :: Potato Print Infinity Scarf

Ava Blu and I made these T-shirt scarfs over her summer vacation, but I thought with the colder whether now upon us it was the perfect time to share. This is a super easy project and a great way to stay warm this winter. No fancy tools or techniques needed here :)

You’ll Need:

An old T-Shirt


Cardboard or Chipboard


Kitchen Knife

Craft Knife


Cookie Cutters (optional)

Fabric Paint or Acrylic Paint with Fabric Medium

Wax paper (to use as your palette)

Craft or Newspaper (to protect your table surface)

MAKE YOUR SCARF and prep for printing

1. Fold your T-Shirt in half vertically and then in 1/2 again. (This will make it easier for your to cut in a straight line.)

2. While folded cut off the bottom seam of your T-shirt (if it has one).

3. Cut off the bottom third of your T-Shirt. This will be your infinity scarf.

4. Wrap your scarf around your piece of cardboard and stretch it flat. (This will protect the bottom side from getting paint on it while you are printing. 


1. Cut your potato’s in half.

2. Draw a shape or design into the flesh. Simple shapes are easier to carve.

3. With your Craft Knife carve around your design. Cutting away the background.



1. Pick your color palette. 1-2 complimentary colors tends to work best.

2. Squeeze your paint onto your wax paper.

3. Dab your potato stamp into your paint being sure to cover the stamp fully.

4. Press your potato stamp onto your scarf firmly. Lift up and stamp again until the print become paint and reapply paint.

5. Let dry and then stamp the other side.


  • Use a cookie cutter as a stencil for your stamp. Press it into the flesh of your potato and cut out the negative space.
  • Make multiple stamps of the same shape if you would like to easily alternate colors while stamping.
  • You can preserve your potato stamp for a couple of days by wrapping each in wet paper towels and placing it in a zip lock back in the refrigerator.

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