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 Ava Blu getting her peace on. 

 A reminder that good karma is always around the bend.

Even on the rainiest of days

Keep the good vibes coming, share your good karma moment in the comments for all of us to see. :)

Homemade Craft Connection :: Potato Print Infinity Scarf

Ava Blu and I made these T-shirt scarfs over her summer vacation, but I thought with the colder whether now upon us it was the perfect time to share. This is a super easy project and a great way to stay warm this winter. No fancy tools or techniques needed here :)

You’ll Need:

An old T-Shirt


Cardboard or Chipboard


Kitchen Knife

Craft Knife


Cookie Cutters (optional)

Fabric Paint or Acrylic Paint with Fabric Medium

Wax paper (to use as your palette)

Craft or Newspaper (to protect your table surface)

MAKE YOUR SCARF and prep for printing

1. Fold your T-Shirt in half vertically and then in 1/2 again. (This will make it easier for your to cut in a straight line.)

2. While folded cut off the bottom seam of your T-shirt (if it has one).

3. Cut off the bottom third of your T-Shirt. This will be your infinity scarf.

4. Wrap your scarf around your piece of cardboard and stretch it flat. (This will protect the bottom side from getting paint on it while you are printing. 


1. Cut your potato’s in half.

2. Draw a shape or design into the flesh. Simple shapes are easier to carve.

3. With your Craft Knife carve around your design. Cutting away the background.



1. Pick your color palette. 1-2 complimentary colors tends to work best.

2. Squeeze your paint onto your wax paper.

3. Dab your potato stamp into your paint being sure to cover the stamp fully.

4. Press your potato stamp onto your scarf firmly. Lift up and stamp again until the print become paint and reapply paint.

5. Let dry and then stamp the other side.


  • Use a cookie cutter as a stencil for your stamp. Press it into the flesh of your potato and cut out the negative space.
  • Make multiple stamps of the same shape if you would like to easily alternate colors while stamping.
  • You can preserve your potato stamp for a couple of days by wrapping each in wet paper towels and placing it in a zip lock back in the refrigerator.

East vs. West

This time of year always makes me feel nostalgic. Dreaming of the beautiful and snowy winters without really remembering how painfully cold it actually was. It’s interesting how our memories can be so selective. All this reminiscing got me thinking about the major and notable differences between where I live now, the West Cost and where I grew up, the East Coast. 

Have you seen those maps of the US. that have been recently circulating around declaring certain regions of the US this or that? There’re totally stereotypical but somehow they still manage to hold a nugget of truth that we all seem to relate to.

 So here’s my little visual display of East vs. West!

Homemade Craft Connection :: Gratitude Mobile

November is the month of Gratitude.

It’s a time to be reminded of all the good in your life. A time to remember your love ones and a chance to be introspective and reflect. What have you learned this past year? How have you grown? What challenges and obstacles did you face and over come? A lot can happen in a year and it’s sometimes too easy for us to keep going and not take the time to stop and remember.

This gratitude mobile is an easy way to pay homage to the past while also inviting thoughtfulness and generosity into the future.

Each printable strips has space to write down your thought and feeling of the year past. Ask each guest at your Thanksgiving table to help you add to your gratitude mobile. And if you have a message that’s a bit too personal to openly share just fold over your paper and seal it away in the wax. It’s the thought and action that hold the most meaning in this ritual.

And remember Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be the only time these positive messages hang in your home.

You’ll Need
2 wire hangers
Wire cutters
Strips of scrap fabric
Glue gun
String, twine or ribbon
Bee’s wax
A double boiler or old crock pot
Basting brush
Tissue paper in assorted colors (I also used sewing pattern paper)
An iron
Printable Gratitude Prompts or scraps of paper
Hole punch
Pens, pencils and markers
Decorative scissors and paper punches (optional)
Craft paper or newspaper (to protect your work surface)


1.  Bend 1 hanger into a circle shape.

2. Cut a piece of wire out of the second hanger and shape it into a smaller circle.

3. Wrap your wire frames with strips of scrap fabric securing the ends with a dab of hot glue.

4. Tie a piece of twine to the top of the smaller circle and attach it to the larger circle.

(Click here to download the PDF printable gratitude prompts)

5. Cover your work surface with craft paper.

6. Print out and trim the Printable Gratitude Prompts.

7.  Cut or tear tissue paper into approximately 5 X 11” rectangles.


1. In a double boiler or old crock pot melt your bees wax.

2. Write down your gratitude messages.

3. Sandwich your message in between 1 to 2 sheets of tissue paper and brush on the wax.

4. Cover the message with a piece of craft paper and iron it smooth.

5. Peal off your message and let cool.

6. Trim the tissue paper edges. You can uses decorative scissors and punches. Think about cutting them into fun shapes like leaves, hearts and stars.

7.  Hole punch the top of your waxed message and thread a piece of twine or ribbon thought the hole.

8. Tie each message to your Gratitude Mobile and you are ready hang your mobile.


Just Us Girls: 48 Creative Art Projects for Mothers and Daughters to Do Together

Oh my gosh!!! I just finished wrapping up writing, creating and making a mother daughter craft book that’s totally jammed packed with 48 heartfelt, earth-friendly projects to help explore and nurture the mother daughter bond.

It was such a fun and amazing project and I can’t wait for it to actually be in my hands. It will officially available on February 1st BUT you can already pre-order a copy of it here!! So don’t forget to add Just Us Girls to your holiday wish list and spread the word! I can’t even begin to tell you how lucky I feel to be able to put this out into the world and share it with you!! (eep…that’s me doing the happy dance:)

Stay tuned for upcoming live craft experiences with your truly!


Share Out:: What I’ve been watching!

Oh my gosh, I know I can’t be the only one that binge watches on Netflix especially after I saw this cartoon.

Since, we are going into the darkest and coldest part of the year I thought I’d share with you a few of my favs.  What are yours? 

Homemade Craft Connection :: Autumn Leaves

November is for falling leaves. Autumn is the one season this East Coast transplant totally misses.We don’t get to see the turning leaves here in Northern California.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I miss bundling up in the clean crisp air to go out to see the fall foliage over the Delaware Water Gap. It’s totally a stunning site. (Can you tell I’m feeling a bit nostalgic :) We just don’t get that wonderful red and orange landscape here. So as a reminder to me of Autumns past and as a good way to brush up on your tree botany. Here’s a printable with a few of my favs.

(click here to download PDF)

And did you know that certain trees are thought to hold magical properties. Maple is associated with strength and wisdom. Oak is linked with success, strength, courage and longevity.  Beech is know for knowledge, understanding, balance and luck. And Aspen is often paired with intuition, communication and the power of vibrant speech. It’s good to know these things when you need a autumn pick me up:)

Is it our human nature to pass judgement?

I don’t know what was going on last week, maybe mercury was in retrograde, but folks were being really nasty on the internet. There was an industry copyright incident, a mom was getting brutally criticized for being fit and an author was driven to speak out against those that send her hate mail. All in all it was not a good week for the online community that I’ve grown to love.

All of this hate spewing I find incredibly disheartening. Why is it that folks are so quick to pick up the pitch forks to verbally execute another person? Is it just human nature to pass judgement? Perhaps it’s the remanence of an old survival instinct. I could see how back Paleolithic Era it might have been important to be able to make quick decisions about a situation. And even how your survival could possible depend on it. But in this day and age, making a snap judgement doesn’t helps anyone. In fact I think it’s quite detrimental to all involved.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t speak out about injustices or have a strong opinion. What I am saying is that you should take some time to discern the situation before you pass judgement.  Don’t be one of those people that just jumps on the bandwagon ‘cause they don’t want to miss out on that shot of adrenaline you get from being mean.

Now, I’m not so naive as to say that I’ve never passed judgement on someone myself. It’s something we’ve all done and most of the time we’ve done it without even realizing we have. It’s so easy to quickly discredit and dismiss someone. But let’s be real here. It’s never as black and white as we think it is and you’ll never truly know what motivates others, as you are not them.

And please let’s not forget how it feels to be judged. It totally sucks! And it’s never ok to be mean! This is something that I teach my daughter. And I think it’s something we all know to be true. You don’t have to like everyone you work with or meet but you should at least give them the human courtesy of being civil. And remember that your reaction almost always has more to do with you then it does with the person you’re judging.

I think it’s about time we start giving some more conscious attention to our thoughts and actions.  So I leave you with this:

Stop, Slow Down, Get Perspective and then Decide.


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