Homemade Craft Connection :: Glow in the dark trick-or-treat pillow bag

With Halloween quickly approaching Ava Blu made it very clear that she was “way too old” to be going trick-or-treating with the plastic pumpkin that she’s been using for the last 6 years. It was time for an upgrade.

So, it got me thinking, when I was a kid we would just use pillow cases as our trick-or-treat bags. Every kid in my neighborhood had one swung over their shoulder.  So I wanted to do an updated version of the trick-or-treat pillow case bag, but this time with a strap for your shoulder. Here’s what we came up with :)

You’ll Need:
A pillow case (we used a plain white pillowcase)
2 buttons
Needle and thread
Fabric paint (or Acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium)
Glow in the dark paint
Painter’s tape
A sponge

1. Fold your pillow case.

  • Placing the side seam in the center and form 2 triangles. One on the front and one on the back.
  • Fold each triangles up, wtih the triangel point on the center seam of your pillowcase.

2. Place a button at the point of each triangle and sew them in place.
 * If you’d like you can also turn your triangles into pockets. Just stitch half way up the seams on each side (like we did).

3. Fold your pillow case in half vertically.
4. With a pencil lightly draw the shape of your strap.
5. Cut out your straps. Unfold and lay flat.

6. Apply your painters tape to your pillow bag in your desired design (we did a plaid design). Make sure the tape it is pressed down securely without any air pockets.

7.  With a sponge apply your paint and let dry

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the other side.

9.  Remove the painter’s tape on both sides.
10. Apply your glow in the dark accent paint (we put ours on the “white” stripe areas).
11. Sew the top of your straps together.
 *  As a no sew alternative you can just tie the straps in a knot.

And you are ready to go trick-or- treating in style!!

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