Homemade Craft Connection :: Personal Coat-of-Arms

Coat of Arms were originally used to identify noble families and clans. These pictograms were a perfect choice during a time when most folks couldn’t read or write. And let’s face it, when the men were all armored-up it was near impossible to tell them apart.

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These crests eventually became a symbol of identity and lineage that were pasted down for generations with each element, animal and symbol holding strong meaning to the person that donned them. They tell a story of your family, social status, interests, heritage, allegiances. They are a visual record of your legacy.

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Creating a Coat-of-Arms is an intimate and personal undertaking that should be authentic to you. What story do you want to tell? What colors, animals and symbols best represents you? Think about using design element like wavy lines or chevrons as dividing elements. And remember every element represents something.

Next week I’ll be sharing with you the symbolism behind these three coat-of-arms that I created.  Along with a few prompts and ideas on how you can create and design your own.

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I will also be offering commissions. They make wonderful wedding and baby shower gifts. So if you’d like for me to design a personal crest for you or someone you love just send me an email at cindyann@blupenny.com or visit my etsy shop. I will have them listed there shortly.


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