Homemade Craft Connection :: Lip Balm Locket (part 2)

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Every locket tells a story. Personalized and monogram your locket with words of inspiration, your initials or words of undying affection.

To do this easy image transfer You’ll Need:

  • a design (use mine or make your own)
  • a scanner
  • a printer and printer paper
  • scissors
  • acrylic gel medium
  • paint brush
  • towel rag

(download this template)

1. Decide what you want the front of your locket to say. Trace your locket so you have a template.

2. Draw your design or use one of mine.

3. Scan your design and reverse the image.

4. Prep your locket by using sandpaper to scratch the front surface of your locket.

5.  Cut out your design.

6. Apply a coat of gel medium to the top of your print-out and the front of the locket keeping the brush strokes even and in the same direction.

7. Allow the first coat to dry.

8. Apply a second coat of gel medium to both the locket and your print-out.

9. Using your fingers press your design face down onto place on your locket making sure there are no bubbles.

10. Let fully dry overnight.

11. With a wet rag moisten your image transfer until it is completely soaked through.

12. Gently rub off the paper fibers with your fingers to reveal the image below then let dry.

13. Apply a coat of gloss gel medium on top of your image and let dry.

14. String your locket on a chain and it is ready to wear.


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