In my bag

My handbag has started to get a bit too heavy and it was about time I cleaned it out. I have one of those big bags that everything winds up getting thrown into.

These are some of the thing that I pulled out of mine:

 1. Japanese Colored Pens picked up from my annual trip to NYC  2. Car Key  3. Ava Blu’s Fairy Bracelet and Charm that I promised to fix  4.Benadryl, just in case  5. Lip Gloss and my favorite Fresh Sugar Lychee Parfum  6. Ava Blu’s trinket flashlight  7. Bart and Muni Passes  8. Movie Ticket Stubs from Monster University  9. Pouch I picked up at Anthropologie filled with some general toiletries  10. Betsey Johnson Wallet that I’ve had for a quite a few years now  11. Apology Note from Ava Blu for I forget what  12. Small Pocket Sketchbook that has been taken over by Ava Blu  13. Pill Box with my art on it  14. House Keys  15. Scraps of paper with drawings and notes  16. My 2nd pair of glasses  17. An extra pair of socks for Ava Blu  18. A Heart Shaped Rock  19. Bracelet that Ava Blu got at the dentist  20. Business Card Holder with my art on it :)  21. Pieces of Crayons leftover from a restaurant 22. My Business Cards  23. Sharpie Markers for drawing  24. Loose Change and Bills including a Canadian Coin (no idea how I got my hands on that)  25. Dinner Mint  26. Kiehl’s sample conditioner 27. Business cards and phone numbers  I collected  28. Altoid Mints  29. Hair bands  NOT SHOWN: My Phone – since at the time it was in my pocket :)


So what do you cart around in your handbag?

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