The Power of Color: BLUE

Blue is a powerful and complex color with more contradictory meanings then any other color in the spectrum. But you won’t find me singing the blues here, instead I’ll be focusing on the positive energy, power and symbolism that is the color BLUE.

Blue is one of my favorite colors!!

It was my wedding color and the color that my husband and I chose to included in my daughter’s name. Ava Blu.

Blue is the color of the most of our world. Sea and sky, heaven and earth.  It is the color of confidence, faith, spirituality and intelligence not to mention the color of my favorite pair of jeans.!

The energy and vibe that blue provides is powerful and can be used to help relax, gain perspective and open up the flow of communication. It’s incredibly soothing, which makes blue pajamas just about the perfect choice. And if you have a speech or big test to cram for blue index cards make an excellent backdrop to help you organize your thoughts, prepare and remember all your talking points.  If you feeling a bit frazzled and your nerves are frayed wear a blue gemstone like a blue sapphire or topaz around your neck to create some inner peace and calm. 

And oh my gosh! Did you know that the color blue is actually a natural appetite suppressant. I think I’m going to need to add a little blue to my kitchen to help support my life plan for eating a healthier diet.

Blue Symbolizes: confidence, faith, spirituality, heaven, peace, infinity, wisdom, authority, trust & understanding, relaxation & calm, cool, dignity, health & healing

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