Listen while you work

A friend of mine recently turned me on to The Hay House, and boy was I was surprised to find that I was actually familiar with quite a few of their authors and contributors!

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been running through and listening to all of these amazing motivational speakers who talked at the World Summit. I have yet to go through all 100 talks, but so far a few of my favorites are:

Gabby Bernstein! I actually have 2 of her books that have been sitting on my night stand for months now. I have yet to fully commit to them since they involve “homework”. I think I’m going to put together a small support group to go through them together with me.  And wouldn’t you know it I just recently got a inbox reminder message for this event! I think it might be the universe reaching out to me to tell me to do this!

Marianne Williamson – I was introduced to her through Gabby and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed her talk. I now have a few of her books on order at my local library and sitting in my amazon basket :)

Kris Carr! Love this girl! She has such an incredibly inspiring story and speaks my language.I’m now determined to try out her green juice and green smoothie!! And I have to say that I’m total a junk food junkie and sugar addict. Have been since I was little. Nutrition is the one area in my life that I am slowly starting to learn about and change for the better.

Sonia Choquette- I can’t believe I have only just heard of her. I totally vibed with this lady! I love philosophy of using your 6th sense and intuition to guide you. My goodness I remember each and every time I haven’t followed my intution and boy was I sorry. Sonia’s talk really resonated with me.

Noah St. John - He spoke about affirmations (or as he call them Afformations) But it was much more than that. It was about turning your affirmation in to a a positive charged question? Fooling your mind to stop resisting and start actually believing what you’re saying. All I can say is wow! Why haven’t I tried this before? You can bet I’ll be forming some afformations questions of my own!

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