brown outs are bound to happen

We had an unintentional brown out going on over here. There was just way too much on my plate with wrapping up all the copy, crafts, art and photo-shoots for my book never mind getting ready for my annual trip to NYC. It’s just been crazy!!

But now I’m back to my regularly scheduled programing. Well, hopefully with a few updated tweaks :) I have some new ideas on what I want to share. And fingers crossed, I will be able to roll it all out by mid-summer:)

Here are some highlight from the past couple of weeks:

The crazy mess that I left in my studio before I left! (I thinking of doing some rearranging in the next couple of weeks)


Lemonade Fun with friends and neighbors!


1st Grade School Field Trip to Maker Faire !! One of the things that I love about my job is my flexible schedule. I got to spend the day with my girl and her class checking out all of the fun and super cool displays and activities and then spent the evening working away until 2am:)

We made super cure Owls out of old scrap fabric swatches and button!!

We constructed a super cool “Girls Only” fort! Masking Tape and cardboard can be soooo much fun!!!

…and made bunny and ladybug crowns out of pipe cleaners and pom-poms! It’s amazing how much fun you can have with some of these simple everyday common items.


The Super Sweet Mother’s day Note left for me under my keyboard!!


And most recently Memorial Day Family Camping Trip to Pinecrest! Our new fav spot :)

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