40×40 – Happy Birthday to ME!!

Yesterday was my Birthday. It’s interesting how we grow up loving our birthdays, wanting to let everyone to know. Now a days I have a love/hate relationship with my birthday and sometimes even have trouble actually remembering how old I am. Yes, I’m in total denial that I’m officially closer to 40 then I am to 30.

So what do I do to remedy that? Go to the hair salon to get a make-over of course :)

I’ve been itching to get bangs ever since I let Ava Blu get them. She looked so darn cute I just couldn’t resist. Mom and daughter twinkies. Totally dorkie. I know! But, I’m only 37 once and Ava Blu isn’t yet embarrassed to look like me, so now’s the time, right?!

Back in the day when you actually opened up your birthday presents in front of  ALL of your friends!

  Last week, while I was having dinner with some friends in NYC, one of my friends told us about her 40 before 40 list (it was stowed away on her phone for easy access). She had some really good items on her list like riding in a horse drawn carriage in Central Park and then more practical things like writing her will.

Yep that cigar is as old as I am!

Well, she totally got me thinking about coming up with a list of my own. So being that I’m 37 this year I thought it would be a good time to start a list. I mean, in 3 years I should be able to to check everything off my list, RIGHT!?!

Look how adorably young my mom was!!!

…And my dad’s sideburns totally ROCKed!

…So here’s my 40 x 40!! I’m going to need some help crossing some of these items off my list, so if any of my items interest you and want to join me, just leave me a comment or send me an email. I totally welcome your company and could certainly use your help !!! :)

 40×40  (in no particular order)

  1. See if I’m a candidate for Lasic. If yes get it done! – I’ve worn glasses since I was in 2nd grade. I actually started off with bifocals and the only way they got me to wear my glass was by telling me that I looked like Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter. They were red rimmed glasses! I tried contacts in High School and wore them for a bit but they never quite worked for me. So it’s been glasses everyday since. Can I just tell you it would be really nice to actually be able to see the alarm clock in the morning:)
  2. Teach a creative class or workshop- I’ve been wanting to teach for a while.
  3. Land a Speaking Engagement - With the The HOW Confrence being the Holy Grail :) Who would of thought that this scaredy-cat would get such a thrill out of speaking to an audience. Maybe I should join ToastMasters again?
  4. Visit India! – Does anyone want to sponsor me for a creative pilgrimage? I’ve been dreaming about visiting here for ages. When I go I want to see the dye houses and artisans as well as do some volunteer work.
  5. Join a book club – I’d love for it to be a group that meets in person. So if you are part of group in the East Bay and need/want another member please let me know!
  6. Write a novel - I know my spelling and grammar sucks but I’ve been collecting ideas for years. So I know there’s at least one good story I have to tell.
  7. Skinny dip in the ocean under a full moon – Just because, it sounds fun and exciting!
  8. Do a detox cleanse-  I have this one in mind but have been kind of scared to do it alone.
  9. Create a living will - Well, because it’s about time I have one. It’s such a very adult thing to do.
  10. Get my tattoo removed- My high school boyfriend took me to get an illegal tattoo on my belly when I was a senior. I felt like such a bad ass at the time but man what a mistake. It’s an awful design in a terrible place (I thought I would never have kids). And because of it I haven’t worn a bikini since I was 17.
  11. Start a meditation daily practice that will be hard to break - It’s a great way to start the day if only I could actually get up early enough to actually do it.
  12. Exercise on a regular basis - I need some physical movement in my life. Nothing crazy strenuous but definitely active. And if helps me tone and lose my baby pouch that would be awesome!
  13. Start/Join a Creative Support Group- I’ve had a great group in the past.
  14. Ride a Mechanical Bull- Shouldn’t every girl do this at least once!?
  15. Create and sell an e-course – This kind of goes with No.2.
  16. Work thru the Artist Way- I done this before and I love to get a buddy or small group to work through the book with me. Sometimes it’s all about accountability.
  17. Floss my teeth every night- I  unfortunately have inherited teeth with weak enamel and need to be taking better care of them. And anyway, if Jay can floss every night I should be able to do it too. The trick is to be able to do it without looking in the mirror.
  18. Write a contributers column on the Huff Post- It’s my homepage, where I get all my news and gossip. I totally admire Arianna Huffington and think it would be so cool to write for her!
  19. Create photo books from all my Facebook and Instagram photos – All the pictures that I have are digital. I don’t have any traditional albums anymore. I need to fix that. There is something about having an actual book of your photographs.
  20. Put together Ava Blu’s baby book – Kind of goes with No. 19. Gotta get those digital photos printed and bound.
  21. Have an up and running online shop – Etsy here i come! I’ve been meaning to do this for years and it’s about time I put some real energy toward it.
  22. Make and Manufacture my own product line- This is a biggie but at least I already have ideas in the works!!
  23. Get dress up and attend a Black Tie Charity Event- Fun for a good cause and you get to wear a fancy dress. The last time I’ve done something like that was Prom!
  24. Do at least one craft/art project a week. – I need to get off the computer work with my hands more.
  25. Hire a professional organizer-  I just need someone to help me come up with easy and useable systems for filing and sorting mail and bills. The mail pile can get out of control in my house.
  26. Collaborate with another creative on a big project - I’m not sure exactly what yet, but I know I want to do something with someone.
  27. Play the lottery – I always want to play this at least once but those picking cards look so intimidating. I’m going to have to ask someone to help me fill mine out.
  28. Take a bookbinding/letterpress class- I know just where I want to take it I just need to commit. Anyone want to take a class with me?
  29. Learn how to knit- I’ve always romanticise about making scarfs for Christmas gifts.
  30. Get a reliable cleaning service to come to my house - at least once a month. I love a clean home I just hate doing the cleaning.
  31. Have a mentor- Hasn’t just about every successful person in history had one!? I know I could certainly use the guidance, knowledge and experience of someone that has build a successful small business.
  32. Be a mentor- Because it’s just good Karma to pay it forward!
  33. Take a wine tasting class- I do live in NorCal I should know my wines and how to really taste them!
  34. Host and run a retreat - I want to help grow and nurture the creative community I’m a part of.
  35. Get custom fitted for a bra – Do I really need to explain why!? ;)
  36. Live in another country - Even if it’s just for the summer! I think it would be an inspiring and awesome experience  for my whole family.
  37. Get my palm read in a psychic reading- I’ve always wanted to do this.
  38. Get all my dental work finished- Not incredibly sexy but definitely needed and crazy expensive.
  39. Try out for a Reality TV show or a commercial - Just to say I’ve done it. I think it would be fun. I’ll admit it. I’ve totally had dreams about being on Survivor.
  40. Buy a serious piece of artwork- As an artist I want to able to also buy art that supports other artists.

37 is going ot be a great year!!

brown outs are bound to happen

We had an unintentional brown out going on over here. There was just way too much on my plate with wrapping up all the copy, crafts, art and photo-shoots for my book never mind getting ready for my annual trip to NYC. It’s just been crazy!!

But now I’m back to my regularly scheduled programing. Well, hopefully with a few updated tweaks :) I have some new ideas on what I want to share. And fingers crossed, I will be able to roll it all out by mid-summer:)

Here are some highlight from the past couple of weeks:

The crazy mess that I left in my studio before I left! (I thinking of doing some rearranging in the next couple of weeks)


Lemonade Fun with friends and neighbors!


1st Grade School Field Trip to Maker Faire !! One of the things that I love about my job is my flexible schedule. I got to spend the day with my girl and her class checking out all of the fun and super cool displays and activities and then spent the evening working away until 2am:)

We made super cure Owls out of old scrap fabric swatches and button!!

We constructed a super cool “Girls Only” fort! Masking Tape and cardboard can be soooo much fun!!!

…and made bunny and ladybug crowns out of pipe cleaners and pom-poms! It’s amazing how much fun you can have with some of these simple everyday common items.


The Super Sweet Mother’s day Note left for me under my keyboard!!


And most recently Memorial Day Family Camping Trip to Pinecrest! Our new fav spot :)