Link Love

Keeping it short and sweet today by sharing some Link LOVE!!

  1. I’m totally enjoying Jen’s FREE Video Summit. It runs until March 8th so there’s still time to join in.
  2. How cool that you can brush up on your art history here and here!
  3. have been on a mission to find the koala.
  4. I recently learned about this place from listen to Leslie over at AHA. It’s a bit more traditional media oriented, but hey sometimes you need to break out of your same old routine.
  5. And oh my gosh just today I learned about this creative learning meca!
  6. I just started using this card to get my hands on some FREE audiobooks that I’ve been wanting to listen to.
  7. And with that card I just started to listen to this while I work.
  8. Found this awesome artist owned art store that sells dry pigments. I’ve never used dry pigments before but I definitely want to give it a try.
  9. Been digging some old-time string band sound.
  10. And have been crazy busy creating and writing for these guys.

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