a spy birthday party :: part 2

Some fun candids from the party!! I think we had close to 20 1st graders celebrating with us. I’m so glad my mom was here visiting to help wrangle the troops and keep all of the detectives on task with their spy duties ;)

Ava Blu’s been googling and youtubing “James Bond Cakes” for months and was determined to have a cake made with fondant just like they make on Cake Boss.

Thank goodness they actually carry pre-made fondant at Michaels along with all the other additional baking supplies we needed. That cake was the most expensive part of throwing her party. But it was definitely worth it since she had a great time making it and rolling out the fondant.

The kids LOVED the laser obstacle course!! I got the idea from here. Who would of thought you could have so much fun with a ball of pink yarn?!

There was lots of singing and dancing, I pulled together the perfect spy sound track on Spotify, gosh I love that app. And of course there were feet up on the ottoman!?!

Jay broke out his camera and all the spys dressed up in their best disguises and posed.

It was soooo awesome to see all of these girls ready to pose and role play with out feeling the least bit inhibited.

Seven is such a wonderful age. I wish more adults would just relax and embrace the moment the way these girls did. I mean look at how much fun they had!

All in all it was a Great Day and a Birthday that she will always remember!! Which really is what it’s all about :)

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