a spy birthday party :: part 1

What started out as a glint of an idea for Ava Blu’s 7th Birthday Party quickly grew into something so much more. The idea for her party was heavily inspired by her current infatuation with James Bond, Harriet the Spy, Nancy Drew and pretty much anything spy. A little back story: Every year during the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas we break out our collections of James Bond movies and have a movie watching marathon until we get through our entire collection. I guess this year the movies had more of an impression.

So, after a little googling of “James Bond Birthday Cakes” and “Spy Birthday” we found a ton of amazing inspiration like this spy birthday pary, and this party and this one.  Most of the spy birthday parties that I found were for boys but I knew we could easily pull together a girlie spy party.

I try to keep things simple, as I have a lot on my plate these days, but when I couldn’t find a suitable evite theme I just decided to go for printing out actual paper invites instead which got the ball rolling and from there I just couldn’t stop myself. It quickly became our favorite topic of conversation at dinner. What type of spy games did she want to play. Our ‘want list’ soon became way longer then what we could actually accomplish. But it was a great start and so much fun deciding what activates and games we were going to play.

We started off with doing some fingerprinting, creating id badges, and designing and decorate their spy mask disguises.

You can download everything here if you want to create your own girls spy birthday party:

Invite (with fill in the blanks)

Fingerprint Sheets


Spy ID Badges


Notebook Labels (for dective notebooks)

Door Sign


Create Your Own Spy Name (Pick one of each color. I got the idea here and customized it for 7yr girls.)

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