Still Crushing on Karma

Can I just tell you I’m still totally Crushing on Karma! I mean how could I not be :) Here are 20 more ways to indulge yourself in the arms of Karma.

  1. Explore- Spend some time in an unfamiliar neighborhood you might just find the perfect coffee shop.
  2. Visit a friends church-  And keep an open mind.
  3. Say it Out Loud! – Instead of just thinking it use your voice. Speak up and be heard.
  4. Truly Listen – When you ask someone a question listen to their response. Don’t worry about what you are going to say next. Truly Listen, they actually might have something interesting to say.
  5. Believe in Something! – Be it miracles, magic or unicorns, everyone needs to have something to believe in.
  6. Let yesterday and tomorrow go – You are HERE right now!
  7. Don’t waste anything.- Be it resources, time or knowledge.
  8. Say “I Love You” to someone you love-  Those 3 words never wear out and there’s no such thing as too much love!
  9. Result-based thinking isn’t the only way – Do something without knowing or caring about the results.
  10. Teach - Share your knowledge with a friend without expecting something in return.
  11. Relax – Sometime you have to put the check-list away and just chill.
  12. It’s never too late - Try out a hobby or activity that you thought you might be too old for.
  13. Accept Criticism with Grace- Take a step back. Take a deep breath. Don’t react, listen instead. Learn from what you can and leave the rest on the floor. Rise above and say Thank You.
  14. When in doubt just be Nice! - Being nice is always better than being mean.
  15. Stop Blaming Yourself – You have the power to change your day just by changing your mind.
  16. Be Still- find a park, sit and close your eyes. 
  17. Make the Time- Make the time to be with your friends and family. Make the time to stop and help someone else. Make time for the little things that matter.
  18. Share a Meal- Cook dinner for a busy family member or friend. When we share a meal it not only provides nourishment for our bodies but also our souls.
  19. Say Hello! - Introduce yourself to that person you always see around town.
  20. Give the gift of reading - Donate those old books collecting dust on your shelf to your Local Library.

dress up your room with a mural or two

Did you know that I have some pretty cool Mural Art Available via MuralsYourWay? I love how they let you simulate how it will look in a room. Some of my favorites are the growth charts.

Won’t these just look darling in a kids room? And what a fun way to keep track, right?


They also have a ton of other cool designs available. Gosh it’s such a easy and wonderful way to customize your space!!

Stop on by and take a look!!

we all fail sometimes

Misery Loves Company –Ha! How true that can sometimes be. I can remember my mom saying this to me on more than one occasion.  But how do you get past that type of negativity? How do you not sink but instead rise above your despair?  

I’ve been seeing this famous failures image being passed around the webosphere and find it quite inspiring, though I do wish they had included a few more women.

We all fail but the thing that make these folks different is that they didn’t let that stop them. They got up dusted themselves off and tried again. Maybe it should be retitled to say:

Failure is just one moment in time, isn’t it? May we all be so lucky to fail famous!!

Here are a few of my favorite stories about determined and resilient women:

Vera Wang

Failed to make the US Olympic figure-skating team. She was an editor at Vogue and was passed up for the editor-in-chief job. And thank goodness she was! She then decided to start designing wedding gowns when she was 40. And now there isn’t a new bride that wouldn’t die to be walking down the aisle in a Vera Wang gown.

Lucille Ball  

  She was sent home from drama school because she was “too shy” and for years was regarded as failed “B list” movie star. She was told by her agent to pursue a new career! Well, that is until her big break staring in I Love Lucy.

Barbra Streisand

Her mother tried to persuade her NOT to pursue singing since she wasn’t pretty enough. She had her first stage debut in a show that opened and closed in the same night. She battled debilitating stage fright after forgetting the words to a song during a 1967 free performance in New York’s Central Park. After that she  avoided live performance for nearly 3 decades! But some how despite all of that she’s still one of the most successful female singer in the history of recorded music. 

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb

Share Out :: Maria Abramovic

I only recently learned about Maria Abramovic thought she has been performing since the 70’s. How have I not known about her before?

I ran across this article and was totally captivated by the back story around this amazing video, a moment that captures her encounter with a long lost lover at her exhibition in 2010 at the MoMa.

Have you seen it? It is so emotionally charged and quite beautiful. I really must learn more about this woman. There is a biography of her out that I puton my “to read” list. 


Just wanted to share! 

a spy birthday party :: part 2

Some fun candids from the party!! I think we had close to 20 1st graders celebrating with us. I’m so glad my mom was here visiting to help wrangle the troops and keep all of the detectives on task with their spy duties ;)

Ava Blu’s been googling and youtubing “James Bond Cakes” for months and was determined to have a cake made with fondant just like they make on Cake Boss.

Thank goodness they actually carry pre-made fondant at Michaels along with all the other additional baking supplies we needed. That cake was the most expensive part of throwing her party. But it was definitely worth it since she had a great time making it and rolling out the fondant.

The kids LOVED the laser obstacle course!! I got the idea from here. Who would of thought you could have so much fun with a ball of pink yarn?!

There was lots of singing and dancing, I pulled together the perfect spy sound track on Spotify, gosh I love that app. And of course there were feet up on the ottoman!?!

Jay broke out his camera and all the spys dressed up in their best disguises and posed.

It was soooo awesome to see all of these girls ready to pose and role play with out feeling the least bit inhibited.

Seven is such a wonderful age. I wish more adults would just relax and embrace the moment the way these girls did. I mean look at how much fun they had!

All in all it was a Great Day and a Birthday that she will always remember!! Which really is what it’s all about :)

a spy birthday party :: part 1

What started out as a glint of an idea for Ava Blu’s 7th Birthday Party quickly grew into something so much more. The idea for her party was heavily inspired by her current infatuation with James Bond, Harriet the Spy, Nancy Drew and pretty much anything spy. A little back story: Every year during the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas we break out our collections of James Bond movies and have a movie watching marathon until we get through our entire collection. I guess this year the movies had more of an impression.

So, after a little googling of “James Bond Birthday Cakes” and “Spy Birthday” we found a ton of amazing inspiration like this spy birthday pary, and this party and this one.  Most of the spy birthday parties that I found were for boys but I knew we could easily pull together a girlie spy party.

I try to keep things simple, as I have a lot on my plate these days, but when I couldn’t find a suitable evite theme I just decided to go for printing out actual paper invites instead which got the ball rolling and from there I just couldn’t stop myself. It quickly became our favorite topic of conversation at dinner. What type of spy games did she want to play. Our ‘want list’ soon became way longer then what we could actually accomplish. But it was a great start and so much fun deciding what activates and games we were going to play.

We started off with doing some fingerprinting, creating id badges, and designing and decorate their spy mask disguises.

You can download everything here if you want to create your own girls spy birthday party:

Invite (with fill in the blanks)

Fingerprint Sheets


Spy ID Badges


Notebook Labels (for dective notebooks)

Door Sign


Create Your Own Spy Name (Pick one of each color. I got the idea here and customized it for 7yr girls.)

Link Love

Keeping it short and sweet today by sharing some Link LOVE!!

  1. I’m totally enjoying Jen’s FREE Video Summit. It runs until March 8th so there’s still time to join in.
  2. How cool that you can brush up on your art history here and here!
  3. have been on a mission to find the koala.
  4. I recently learned about this place from listen to Leslie over at AHA. It’s a bit more traditional media oriented, but hey sometimes you need to break out of your same old routine.
  5. And oh my gosh just today I learned about this creative learning meca!
  6. I just started using this card to get my hands on some FREE audiobooks that I’ve been wanting to listen to.
  7. And with that card I just started to listen to this while I work.
  8. Found this awesome artist owned art store that sells dry pigments. I’ve never used dry pigments before but I definitely want to give it a try.
  9. Been digging some old-time string band sound.
  10. And have been crazy busy creating and writing for these guys.