Share OUT :: Love Locks

I still have hearts in my eyes even thought valentine’s day feels like it’s already long gone. I mean who doesn’t like the idea of everlasting love? I’ve been fixated by the idea of Love Padlocks. It something that has become super popular in Europe and Asia due to a scene in this Italian book. Now if only the English version of the book was available.

The idea is that Lovers write their names together on a padlock and affix it to a bridge railing, overpass, gate, fence or other similar public place trapping their love and locking their souls together for eternity. Vowing to never separate. Gosh I’m a total sap for this kind of thing.

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On My desktop:: a little of this a little of that

It’s been a busy week with a little of this and a little of that. It’s interesting how quickly the week has slipped away from me but yet there were moments when it felt like time was standing still. Our perception of time is such a strange and funny thing. Sometimes having a minute longer is just enough time to finish up and at other times it doesn’t matter how many more minutes you have it will never be enough. Time keeps on ticking and I’m just starting to feel like I’m getting a handle on this year and am starting to get back in my grove.

And speaking of getting back into the grove, I’m hoping to start a weekly creative co-working group with some like minded folks that also live in the SF East Bay. I thought it would be a great way to stay connected and have some company while I worked. For the past two years I had been to be part of an artist & crafter entrepreneurial group that met on a weekly basis but unfortunately over this past summer the group has disbanded. Since then I’ve been seriously missing the comradery. So, if you live in the Bay Area and are interested in being part of something like this drop me a line and lets chat!

share OUT :: Wishing Tree

I recently ran across this article and was totally mesmerized by the pictures. A money tree!! Kind of cool right!!! I grew up with my folks always saying that money doesn’t grow on trees. Guess that not entirely true in this case.

I did a bit more digging and found out that these trees were actually called wishing trees. They are thought to possess special spiritual power. They bring good luck and health to believes that make a votive offering to the nature spirits by hammers a coin into the tree. One wish will be granted for each coin that is knocked into the tree and remains there.

Folks have been visiting these same trees in Scotland, Ireland and England since the 1800’s paying homage and making their wishes leaving these trees with hundreds of ancient and modern day coins embedded in them. 

I find this totally fascinating and an interesting testament to faith.

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Share Out :: 2 of my new favorite tools

I just wanted to share with your two of my new favorite web tools :)

I’m totally digging the collage tool over at picmonkey. I’m amazed how easy it was and much faster than using photoshop.

And I recently ran across this really cool browser add-on that will tell you the names of the fonts your favorite web sites are using including the size, weight and style. Pretty cool, huh!?

A Moment in Good Karma :: Quiet Time



 A reminder that good karma is always around the bend. 
Even on the rainiest of days.


Keep the good vibes coming, share your good karma moment in the comments for all of us to see. :)