Eye Candy for the Soul…Crushing on Karma


Here’s some eye candy for your soul. 20 more ways to have a Crush on Karma! We all need a reminder from time to time.

  1. Cheer some one up! - We all have a bad day from time to time.
  2. Accept without judgement- This is definitely a learned behavior (at least it is for me), but once you start putting it into practice it starts to become second nature.
  3. Be spontaneous- Being totally predictably can start to be a bit dull. Sometimes you just have to get out there and “just do it” (Yep- I just quoted Nike!)
  4. Pick up the phone and call someone- Get Connected and reach out.  It’s crazy, because I actually use my phone more for checking emails, facebook, instagram and texting more then I actually use it for making phone calls.
  5. Take a deep breath and breath- You’ll find it does wonders.
  6. Sing!!When you’re in gridlock traffic, sing your favorite song and smile at the cars beside you. I bet they’ll smile back :)
  7. Write “you’re beautiful” on the mirror before you go to bedI promise you it will bring a smile to your face in the morning when you are brushing your teeth.
  8. Tell your kiddo they can do anything they want- And be sure to actually mean it!! (they can tell when you don’t)
  9. Do something that scares you- The adrenaline rush will be like no other!! And hay, you might find out that it’s not that scary after all.
  10. Someday is not a day of the week- If you’re procrastinating or avoiding doing something ask yourself WHY? Then decide if it’s worth doing and cross it off your list.
  11. Buy a cup of coffee for a friend or co-worker- It’s amazing how the smallest gestures can sometimes mean the most.
  12. Do something just for fun! - Stop putting the fun stuff off till later, ‘cause you and I both know that later never comes.
  13. When flowers are blooming share!- Leave some in your neighbor’s newspaper mailbox or on their front porch.
  14. Make someone laugh- And don’t forget to laugh with them. Laughter is a beautiful thing.
  15. Spend a whole day unplanned- Rather than rushing around to get somewhere or get something done open yourself up to the world around you.
  16. Go green- Join a community garden. It’s a great way to get a greener thumb, learn about your local veggie vanities and make some friend.
  17. Pick up trash – Clean up and pitch in. We all have to do our share. 
  18. Hold the elevator- I’m sure we’ve all experieced running late and having the elevator door shut on us just as we get there. Stinks doesn’t it. Put your best foot forward and extend a small kindness to others. Next time it might be them holding the door for you.
  19. Write a handwritten note- Sometimes an emails just doesn’t cut it. And don’t forget how nice to get something in the mail other then bills and junk.
  20. Speak with kindness.- Make every word count! Someone once told my daughter that “Feelings are like puppies, be gentle.” and this has totally stuck with her.
  1. Monica

    You inspire me! Thank you so much, Cindy Ann!

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