20 Reasons to Have a Crush on Karma

Karma. How does one give and receive good karma? How do you keep the circle positive? These are some of the questions that tend to cross my mind on a daily basis.

This year I will be embarking on a creative journey to create and explore my enduring Crush On Karma.

So to get us started and stretch our karma building muscles here are 20 reasons how you too can have a Crush On Karma:

  1. Stop and smell the flowers. – No Seriously, I mean it! A little whiff can really lighten your mood.
  2. Treat Yourself. – A cup of your favorite tea. A 10 minute break sitting your eyes closed. A small piece of chocolate.
  3. Smile at a Stranger. – It cost you nothing and you might be surprised to find that not only does it brighten up someone , but yours as well.
  4. Practice Patience. – Take a deep breath and count to 10.
  5. When you are in a bad mood, smile. – The simple outward act of doing can inwardly change and shift your mood.
  6. Spend a whole day giving compliments. – They feel just as good give as they do to receive.
  7. Start a conversation with a stranger. – Just start with HI!
  8. Celebrate your mistakes. - We all make them. The real trick is to learn from them. 
  9. Expect nothing and welcome everything. - And you’ll never be disappointed.
  10. Practice Compassion. – It’s the thread that connects us with the other members of the human race.
  11. Talk to your plants. – It can actually be quite therapeutic and they’re great listeners and will always  keep your secrets :)
  12. Give with out expecting anything in return. - Pay the toll for the car behind you! It actually a lot of fun and you might be surprised at the jolt of energy you’ll receive.
  13. Make a new friend. – You know, that person you see everyday at work or school but never talk to. Invite them our for a cup of coffee or dinner.
  14. Don’t hold grudges. – They’ll just weight you down.
  15. Remember what you’re grateful for.-  First thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. 
  16. Dance with your kids. – Heck, dance with yourself!! It gets the heart pumping and is an instant mood riser.
  17. Remember the past but let it go. - Learn from your past but continue to step forward into yourself.
  18. Stop your Negative Nelly in her tracks. - When you catch yourself having a negative thought, close your eyes and breath it away.
  19.  Your perception on life is your reality – So remember to be positive!
  20. Try to learn something from everyone you meet. – There a lessons for us to learn from everyone we just need to know how to look for them.

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