holiday want list!

These are a few of the things I’ve been lusting over this holiday season.

1. Troopa Boots :: I had a pair of combat boots back in college. I’ve been feeling the itch to aquire another pair.

2. Sion Hooded Cardigan :: I need a good new cardigan. The one I’ve been wearing around town is over 6 years old and it say maternity on the tag.

3.The Daily Method :: I’ve been wanting to try these exercise classes since a friend mentioned it to me this summer.  

4. Beautiful Ruins :: I’m always up for a epic romantic love story.

5. Cutlery Knife Set :: Now that I’ve been cooking more I have a really understanding of how important a good knife can be.

…and here’s what my daughter is hoping for this holiday season!

American Girl.


Another Dog.

Play Phone. 

Santa please fix Sofie (her teddy bear). 

Can you get my Mama a black iPad, for my mom. 


Can I get a computer? 

Can I get a fairy wand and can I be a fairy.


Gotta love that she was asking Santa for a iPad for her Mama even if she had ulterior motives and it was because she doesn’t want to share her iPad!! 

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