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I can’t cook!! No really I’m not very good at it. I can follow a recipe, but any time I try to just “whip something up” it tastes awful. Sometimes it’s just enough for me to boil water and throw in spaghetti. I have no imagination when it come to cooking and whenever I’ve tried to do meal planning I would get overwhelmed and sucked into searching for recipes that I would never cook.

Meal Planing has never worked for me. That is out until now!!

We’re in a new home and with that comes a fresh start, so I thought it was time for me to try cooking an actual dinner and do some weekly meal planning.

While I was googling “meal planning” I ran across emeals and knew this was the way to go. (BONUS I got a Groupon for the yearly plan!)

And let me tell you me and my Fam LOVES it!!! We have never eaten this many amazing home cooked meals! And what’s more surprising is that I actually don’t mind preparing and cooking the dishes. I think for me the hardest part was figuring out what to make. Now, mind you, I don’t cook all 7 of the meals recipes that they provide. We pick 2 or 3 and plan for leftovers. Our new routime is to take the grocery list that they give us and do our shopping on Sunday and then we’re set for the week. And oh my the shopping has also been so much easier!!

I picked the Clean Eating Plan and so far we’ve had spicy roasted salmon with roasted figs that were to die for, some super tasty tilapia, a variety of kale salads and some of the yummiest curried chicken I’ve ever had. Who knew that I can actually cook these super healthy and tasty meals!! 

emeals has totally changed the way we do dinner around here!!

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