a halloween sleep over to remember

This past Friday we hosted Ava Blu’s first ever sleep over!! It’s been something she’s been asking me for over a year now. And, well Halloween seemed like the perfect excuse to host this little party. So, we had 3 of her closest friend spend the night + 2 of the neighbor boys came over to join in on some of the festivities. It was the perfect number of kiddos, small enough to be manageable but big enough to be fun! And my goodness the excitement and anticipation leading up to the night was infectious. I was getting just as excited as they were.

When I first agreed to take this on, I was a bit nervous. I mean four 6 year olds spending the night is a lot of work!! But I called in some help and had Ava Blu’s babysitter and BFF come over to help out and I jam packed the night with games and activities.

We decorated pumpkins with buttons, markers, yarn and do-dads (I opted for no carving, ‘cause well, 6 kiddos with knifes just didn’t seem like a good idea). We played a round of 4 of Halloween Freeze Dancing to the Spooky Spotify Playlist that Ava Blu and I made the week before. Each kiddo got a turn to be wrapped like a mummy in toilet paper. We played pass the apple (no bobbing, too many loose teeth and the gross factor was a bit too high). They dropped little parachute men off my entry way landing. And finally had two stories read to them while they snuggled down in their sleeping bags.

I had hopes that all the activity would tucker the girls out enough so that they would fall fast asleep once their heads hit the pillow. HA! What was I thinking with all that candy! The last of them didn’t actually fall asleep until midnight, but I guess that’s what sleepovers are all about.

It was a ton of FUN and we created some awesome memories! We’ll definitely be hosting another over-nighter!


a little snapshot of what’s been on my desktop

I just wanted to share a little snapshot of what I’ve had up on my desktop this past week.

It was a crazy busy mix of deadlines, launching the Ornament Exchange and planning a Halloween sleep over for my daughter and her friends. Whew! And the thing is I don’t think this pace is going to slow down any time soon. It’s insane how quickly days and week fly by once the holiday season starts to set in.  

It’s that time of year AGAIN!! ORNAMENT TIME!!

It’s that time of year AGAIN!! ORNAMENT TIME!! The 2012 HandMade Holiday Ornament Exchange is now open for early registration!!

This will be the 5th year that I’m hosting the exchange!!

Whoo-Hoo!! Five years of handmade holiday fun!!

ornaments made by :: Jen Hewettlunakat805Christy LehtoMonica Lee , Jill Turney

Collecting and making handmade ornaments is definitely one of my favorite things to do during the Holiday Season. So take out your glue guns, sparkle, ribbons and whatever do-dads you have laying around the house for the 5th Annual Blu Penny’s Holiday Handmade Ornament Exchange.

For all you veterans this should be a no brainer and for you newbie’s here is a little video I made last year explaining how the exchange works.

The Ornament Exchange will be hosted on a PRIVATE  Blu Penny Forum, exclusive for Ornament Makers only. The registration fee to participate is $12.00 and from every registration $2.00 will go to the Make a Wish Foundation.  

You’ll have until midnight on Friday, November 23rd to sign up.  All the DETAILS you need to know are  HERE.

The first 20 people to register will get a chance to win my Winter Wishes Doormat from Magnet Works! Won’t this look great in your entryway this holiday season!!! :)

Now let’s get crafty!

Add to Cart

 All the details that you need to know are here.


coming out from under all the boxes

Whew…I’m finally starting to feel like I’m getting organized again. There is still much to be done but at least I can sort of find what I need. It feels really good to realign adjust and ease into a new routine. This change was definitely needed!

I just finished papering and decorating my bedroom wall with some of my new products with CreativeCo-op. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I put up contact paper before papering the walls with an old copy of “The History of Art”. That way I don’t ruin the wall and can easily removed the paper when when we leave or I want to redecorate. It’s a little trick I picked up back in my college days when I wanted to cover up some ugly kitchen cabinets.

I should be back to regularly scheduled blogging by next week :)