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Oh my gosh this video of Derek Sivers Ted Talk has been stuck in my head since the first time I viewed it a few weeks back. It shares such an important lesson, especally to those of us that are trying to lead. It takes guts to be the first, but it is so very important to embrace your community and followrs as equals!!


Change is in the air

I’ve got some BIG changes ahead of me in the next few weeks. I’m currently in the process of packing up the house that I’ve called home for the last 8 years. It’s the longest place I’ve lived as an adult. The only other place I’ve occupied longer is my parents house and I haven’t lived with them since I was a senior in high school. We never planned on being in this house that long. It was a starter home and we thought we would be here five years tops. It’s funny how time can move by so quickly and yet also seem to stand still.

I am so ready for this change. I’m excited to be moving into a new environment, into a house that will be a much better fit for my family. However as excited as I am for the new chapter to begin, the transition period…um, quite frankly sucks. The packing and purging process is some serious hard work both mentally and physically. I guess it’s just part of the growing pains we all have to go through and experience. Actually the purging process has been super therapeutic. You wouldn’t believe the amount of STUFF one can accumulate in 8 years. Stuff that I didn’t even know we still had that was just taking up space and cluttering our lives. I’m so glad to be finally clearing space and giving us room to grow. I think that sometimes a shift in your physical space can also cause a shift in your mental space.

Change can sometimes be hard and the transitions definitely isn’t always easy, but once you realize that we all have to walk through it to move forward it’s not so bad. Change helps facilitate growth and if you resist the alternative is usually much much worse, and honestly I don’t think anyone every really wants that.

So, by this time next week I’ll be unpacking all those boxes full of the stuff that I deemed worthy to come with us into our new home and I am very much looking forward to that:)

Inspiration :: thinking outside the box

Last week while I was in the salon chair getting my hair cut and re-colored I had the leisurely pleasure of thumbing through the August Issue of Elle Magazine and ran across a story about Kenneth Cole and  how he cleverly uses his advertising to support his political causes. But what really stood out to me was his out of the box thinking at the beginning of his career that launched him into the world of fashion. Are you familiar with his story

We all should take a cue from him and break from the norm. Find another way to do things, stand out, and do it differently than others. Stop following the path you are supposed to take and make your own way. Zig when others zag and forge your own trail. In that I think we will not only succeed but also discover our own path. The path that no one else can walk except for us.

excited to be featured in this latest issue of Studios Magazine

Last week I made my way to the newsstand to pick up the latest issue of Studio Magazine!!! I’ve know about this for a while and had to keep it under wraps until it hit the stands. I didn’t realize it was out until a friend mentioned it on FB. So, now I can officially share!!! 

I’m super excited and totally honored to be included in the Fall issue! There are two glorious spreads dedicated to me :) Can you believe it?! So if you want to see some super fab pictures of my space and check out how I have my studio set up go out and grab yourself a copy!!