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Karma. Mine and Yours.

I’ve talked about trust, karma, and how hard it can sometimes be to do the right thing. But what about when you make a mistake and unintentionally do someone wrong? What then? How long do you carry the guilt? And what if they choose not to forgive you?

We must keep in mind that we are all just human, and take some comfort in knowing that each and everyone of us makes mistakes. The real test is how you handle yourself when you do and the lesson(s) you take away and carry with you. Sometimes the only thing you can do is apologize. Then it is up to the other person to either accept or reject that apology. I think as a society we tend to discredit and easily dismiss that admitting you were wrong is hard for all of us to do. It takes a lot of courage, can be humiliating and you sometimes run the risk of even being ridiculed. I think that we also tend to forget that the person doing the apologizing is hurting too.

Having compassion has to go both ways and I believe that how someone handles the situation is their karma, and how you react is yours. Forgiveness can be very powerful and freeing. So, we must remember to forgive others as well as ourselves. That’s the only way you’ll ever find inner peace. This karma goddess collection I made is a reminder to be gentle and trust in the good that is within.

  1. DG

    Oh Cindy Ann, the crappy Karma some people will travel through this life with! lol, Yes it is very humbling to be on the apologizing end of something. I think it is harder for the person who made the mistake than the person who was wronged. Forgiveness is certainly not an easy thing for some people, sadly they cant seem to let it go and carry the anger with them and it spews out into almost everything they do.

    Hopefully your Karma is bright and shiny :)

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