i am powerful!

This piece of artwork has been stuck in my head since Ava Blu brought it home from Summer School. I’ve been missing her and am looking forward to her coming home tomorrow!!

“My name is Ava Blu.

I am powerful and

I am an artist”

What amazing clarity and confidence she has about herself at 6 1/2. My hope is that she will always feel this way. It truly made my heart sing!! –What a great remember that this is true for all of us, myself included!


I am powerful

 I am an artist!  

…and I know that the way I think, feel and believe is what truly determines my own destiny.

  1. Yes to what Ava Blu said and to what you said–I couldn't agree more. And you seem to be the living proof of it! I'm a fellow surface designer who saw you at Surtex this year but didn't get to meet you–love your blog and your 'tude!

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