on my desktop :: karma goddess

Karma. Mine and Yours.

I’ve talked about trust, karma, and how hard it can sometimes be to do the right thing. But what about when you make a mistake and unintentionally do someone wrong? What then? How long do you carry the guilt? And what if they choose not to forgive you?

We must keep in mind that we are all just human, and take some comfort in knowing that each and everyone of us makes mistakes. The real test is how you handle yourself when you do and the lesson(s) you take away and carry with you. Sometimes the only thing you can do is apologize. Then it is up to the other person to either accept or reject that apology. I think as a society we tend to discredit and easily dismiss that admitting you were wrong is hard for all of us to do. It takes a lot of courage, can be humiliating and you sometimes run the risk of even being ridiculed. I think that we also tend to forget that the person doing the apologizing is hurting too.

Having compassion has to go both ways and I believe that how someone handles the situation is their karma, and how you react is yours. Forgiveness can be very powerful and freeing. So, we must remember to forgive others as well as ourselves. That’s the only way you’ll ever find inner peace. This karma goddess collection I made is a reminder to be gentle and trust in the good that is within.

Looking for some help from a Creative Soul!

 My wonderful intern Sofia just finished up her time with me and I am looking to connect with another creative soul that can help assist me.

Here’s a few words from Sofia ::

Hello! Sofia here, I just wanted to write a little bit about myself and my experience interning for Cindy Ann. I grew up in Orinda, CA and recently graduated from Westmont College in beautiful Santa Barbara where I studied Art with a Graphics emphasis and English Literature. I moved back to the Bay Area last September for an internship at the deYoung Museum and after finishing that up I found Cindy Ann and figured this was the perfect opportunity for me to continue learning about Art, Illustration, Design, and Art Licensing. For the past six months I have gotten to see Cindy Ann work her magic from the beginning brainstorming stages, all the way up to examining samples of her work coming straight from the companies who used her beautiful artwork. I loved getting hands-on with a lot of the work she had for me—it was a wonderful way to put all my skills I gained in college into action. I just wanted to say thank you to Cindy Ann for teaching me and showing me the life of a professional artist. It is so inspiring and gives me hope for my own future seeing her business flourish.

You can find Sofia HERE!

I’m truly going to miss seeing Sofia on a regular basis, but I know she is ready for the next step in her creative career and that there will be new and amazing things in store for her.

It’s totally a bitter-sweet moment, so as I say farewell to Sofia I am excite to take on my next creative apprentice.

I’m looking for someone who can help me with this year’s Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange, process images, do some blogging and create layouts and assist with some administrative and arty production things and a few other projects that I have up my sleeve :)

So, if you are friendly, organized and not afraid to take initiative, offer up an idea or two, have mad photoshop & illustrator skills, and know your way around social media networks let’s chat.

Some of the things you may be doing will be:

Digital - Scanning and cleaning images for art. Formatting, posting and uploading files to my website and blog. Creating mechanicals and reformatting artwork. Updating online portfolios & doing layouts for promotional materials.

Blogging- Running a weekly column and brainstorming ideas for blog posts and columns.

Brainstorming, Research & Fact Finding- On a project by project basis, researching and gathering information and ideas on assigned subject matter. Creating mood boards and collection concept packets.

Crafty Administrative Prep- Putting together sample packs, compiling list of press contacts, follow-up, updating and maintaining mailing lists, include researching companies. Sometimes this will also include painting swatches, out and out crafting, gluing and assembly.

Tradeshow Prep- Printing, creating and organizing show materials, portfolios and display materials. Filling out forms. Organizing, and packing.

This is a volunteer position, so I really want to find someone that will benefit from the experience. I would love to feed you, help you get school credit, and teach you all that I can about illustration and the art licensing industry. Scheduling can be flexible and you can work from home for some of your hours. My home studio is located in Oakland Hills and I am looking for at least a 6 month commitment.

If this sort of thing might interest you email me at cindyann@blupenny.com  and tell me a little about yourself and include links to your resume, blog, website, shop, twitter, instagram or anything else you’d like to share. And if you can answer the following questions that will be most helpful:

What are your top 3 favorite artist or illustrators?

Why are you interested in this position?

And what you hope to gain from the experience?

I’ll email you from there. :-) And of course, if you know anyone in the SF Bay Area that you think might be interested please feel free to pass this along.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!

i am powerful!

This piece of artwork has been stuck in my head since Ava Blu brought it home from Summer School. I’ve been missing her and am looking forward to her coming home tomorrow!!

“My name is Ava Blu.

I am powerful and

I am an artist”

What amazing clarity and confidence she has about herself at 6 1/2. My hope is that she will always feel this way. It truly made my heart sing!! –What a great remember that this is true for all of us, myself included!


I am powerful

 I am an artist!  

…and I know that the way I think, feel and believe is what truly determines my own destiny.

on my desktop :: a layout or three

THIS has been taking up all of my time lately. I’m super excited about how it’s starting to shaping up. I can’t even begin to tell you how much planning, brainstorming, outlining, testing and prep has already gone into these three little layouts. But you have to start with a good foundation, especially since they will be leading to at least 48 more!! Whew! Sometimes fleshing out the first few is the hardest. Hoping to get them out the door by Friday :)

breaking out and trying something new

This morning I just pressed the button and signed up for an 8 week class at The Potters’ Studio!!

This is totally outside of my comfort zone but I’m excited to learn something new and to just have the freedom to play!! I’ve had clay on my mind ever since I tried to do the kick wheel at Family Camp. This will be a 3 hour class on Friday mornings. A really nice chunk of time to sink in and learn, though  I have to admit, I kind of feel like i’ll be playing hookie. BUT what a great way to invite in creativity before the weekend! I’ll be learning wheel throwing and handbuilding and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands dirty and having fun!!

to trend or not to trend?

It’s amazing these days how often I get ask if I follow trends and what I think is trending. But to be quite honest, I actually prefer NOT to follow trends and instead choose to prioritize my own personal tastes and aesthetic.

Of course, I can’t help but be somewhat influenced by what is happening in the marketplace. I think we all are. My goodness, just look at at all the beautiful imagery circulating the internet these days! Mind you, there has certainly been times when various subject matters and themes have gained popularity parallel to my own personal style, work and interests. I think that’s ok, because in the end I’m not trying to chase down a trend. I just think that if you’re always following how can you ever lead?

I’m a firm believer that if you create from a place of true heart you’re going to create better work. I myself, am aiming to create art that down the road will still be considered relevent and time-honored. I want to have some real longevity as oppose to being a fly by night fad. 

conferences, summits and retreats…oh my!

Conferences, summits and retreats…oh my! How to keep up with all these amazing creative events that are happening around the country. I wish I could go to them all!! Well, that and speak at one of two of them. Yep, that’s totally one of those things on my life-time list :)

Here are just a few that are on my wish list: 

Art & SoulWorld Domination SummitArtFestAlt Summit, HOW Design Live, Squam

Do you have a favorites that you just HAVE to attend?  I sometimes find it’s hard to stay on top of all these amazing things that are happening. I’ve cut down on on my time online, to concentrate more on creating art. Which in turn, means I’m not always the first to know when there’s an event coming up. Oh well c‘est la vie.