yay baby!! – Atlanta in July

Being brave sure does have it’s rewards!! I’m so very grateful that I have had the perseverance and grit to put myself and my work out into the world time and time again.

 And now I’m able to do it in a really BIG way! :)

I feel so very fortunate!


This is my 3rd time at The Mart and each time I go it just seems to get better and more exciting!!

I have a theory that this place is built like a maze on purpose to capture all of the amazing energy, because each time I go I have at least one magical moment, and so far this has been the most magical!!



I can’t even begin to describe to you the excitement I felt seeing all of my products on display and in person for the first time!


 Creative Co-op did an amazing job arranging their showroom. They beautifully showcased all of my products. It was ten times better then I had even imagined. I was totally glowing and felt like such a proud new mama!

And my goodness, the way their VP of Product Development was able to breath life into my artwork. She came up with products and fabrications I could never have envisioned myself. She’s definitely a very talented lady!

I don’t think I can say enough how very grateful I am!


To see all of my hard work and the convergence of everything I’ve worked for come to life is a really great feeling!!

I’m doing this! I’m really doing this!!! – was running through my head the whole time.

I am so very glad that everyday I get to do what I love, and now I have the amazing privilege of sharing my work with all of you in ways I could never have imagined 10 years ago. It’s definitely going to be a while before you can remove the perma-grin from my face. :)

I mean, now you can purchase all of these amazing products for your home. You can hang them on your walls, arrange them on your tables, lay your head down on them to rest, drink from them and even have them blowing in the breeze on your lawn.

How friggin’ COOL is that!?!

 I feel like I’m still having a pinch me moment!


Aren’t these plates just darling?! And how crazy, that I didn’t even realize that they had part of my designs printed on the backs until one of the sales rep’s turned one over to show me. It was a very nice little unexpected surprise :)


Yep, Caroline and I totally match! I promise you we didn’t plan that. :) I guess we were just channeling the same fashion goddess.

Caroline had an AMAZING launch with Creative Co-op too!! All of her new products took up the whole front of the showroom. She must have had way over 100 SKU’s debuting! Really remarkable and SUPER inspiring!! Congrats Caroline! :)

Eeep! My cowgirl collection was placed right up front by the window next to the super fab Kelly Rae. :) How cool, to be in such close proximity! My fingers are crossed that some of her magic will rub off.

So, I have to tell you, that the idea for this collection grew from a one day urban excursion to check out the downtown Denver Area while I was attending a design conference back in the summer of 2010. I stopped by the iconic Rockmount Ranchwear store dubed ”THE Western Shirt Shop” and couldn’t get cowgirls off my mind.

Gosh, I’m so glad that I took the time to take in the sites. It just goes to show you that inspiration comes from anywhere!! And the funny thing is that my sister is actually the horseback rider in the family. She has a farm with two horses and three ponies. My daughter just loves spending the summer with them. I mean isn’t that every little girls dream, to have a pony even if it is just for the summer.

Since all these collections are so new, I don’t yet have a list of specific stores where you can buy them. But If you are just dying to get your hands on one of these items you can go ahead and contact Creative Co-op directly and they will be able to direct you. :)


 And if that wasn’t exciting enough I also had slew of new products launching with Magnet Works!!

Oh my gosh you guys! I just love working with this company!! They totally embody all the things I look for when I decide if I want to work with a company. I feel so very fortunate to have found it with them.

I truly believe that in work, as in life, it all comes down to having great relationships with good people and these are some good peeps! I feel so honored to be one of the artists in their new breakout collection celebrating life’s joys and special occasions!

And what a perfect match! Because honestly isn’t that what life’s all about! Celebrating and honoring the people that come into our lives!


My goodness can you believe that all of this started with a dream that I had. A small thought that I wanted to be able to see my artwork out in the world. The idea that I wanted it to be able to be fully ingrained and integrated into peoples everyday lives. This has been a dream that I’ve been willing to work really hard for. I truly believe that thoughts and actions become your reality. And I am so glad that this is now mine. I’ve been thinking and dreaming about this for a long time!!! And I am so very thankful for all that I have in my life!

And you know that I can’t attend a show without at least having one (or more) nights hangin’ with the girls. Where somehow I always proceeded to way over-share. :) But that’s just who I am so I’m working on just embracing it.

It was so much fun to hang with the darling Kate & Caroline and of course my marketing maven Myleen. These ladies are AWESOME! We were laughing so hard that by the end of the night my stomach hurt. Always a good sign! :)

  1. tammie

    oh my gosh, this is so inspiring! your work looks amazing…. so happy for you..

  2. Cindy!! Congratulations you BRAVE girl! I am so thrilled for you!! Thank you for sharing your story with us and helping to inspire us to do the same xoxo see you soon!

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