some highlights from “the lair”

Oh my gosh, can I just tell you this was such a great kick off to the summer!!! Who would have thought I’d enjoy family camp as much as I actually did!!

The parents of one of Ava Blu’s classmate convinced us to join them and I’m so glad that we did!! It was so great to be with another creative mama that I actually connect with. And the icing on the cake was that our girls were inseparable the whole time. I truly think I came out of this experience with a new friend :)

There were tons of activities planned each and every day, all day long!! There even were “adult only” activities. The morning yoga and sunset wine and cheese hike have to have been among my favorites.

On most days while Ava Blu was off with her age group making bird feeders and hiking the forest with her counselor I spent a good amount of time at the Art Shack :) I must of burned a full 2 days attempted to throw a pot on a kick wheel. It was a ton of fun, very dirty and SUPER HARD!! In the end I just wound up painting a pre-made mug. I think I might need to sign up for a pottery class if I really want to learn how to throw a pot.

All the meals were served family style in the dining hall and although some folks with a more green organic diet might find the menu to be a bit sub-par, I was just grateful that I didn’t have to cook or clean the dishes! (and how fun, they actually rang  a triangles to call you in to eat.)

Camp Oski definitely had this nostalgic feeling of being back in a time where things were simpler. You could pretty much let the kids run free. And the counselor, what an amazing and talented group of students!! Ava Blu enjoyed their company so much that we left with a few numbers for babysitters in the fall!

This camping experience was AWESOME!!! Ava Blu was super sad to leave and 3 days in was already asking if we could come back next year. I’d totally recommend it to any family with kiddos that live in NorCal.

I think we will definitely be returning!!

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