ooh lala! – fashionable color palettes

Look at all these wonderful color palettes! Who says color palettes are only what artists consider. We can utilize color theory every day in our outfits!

source: Browneyed Belle Julie :: source: Atlantic-Pacific

These two outfits above make great use of color blocking—all solid colors coming together to make a beautiful combination.

source: J Crew :: source: Crush Cul De Sac

Neutrals—always in style. I love the black and white and cream combination. Classic yet effective.

Colors can really make or break an illustration or even an outfit!

on my desktop :: parisian art

Just a little look at what’s been on my desktop the last couple of months. There’s nothing quite like working on Christmas in the spring and summer months. I guess it’s a good thing I actually enjoy celebrating the holidays.

And shouldn’t we all try to be in a place of thankfulness and genorisoity year round anyway?!?

some highlights from “the lair”

Oh my gosh, can I just tell you this was such a great kick off to the summer!!! Who would have thought I’d enjoy family camp as much as I actually did!!

The parents of one of Ava Blu’s classmate convinced us to join them and I’m so glad that we did!! It was so great to be with another creative mama that I actually connect with. And the icing on the cake was that our girls were inseparable the whole time. I truly think I came out of this experience with a new friend :)

There were tons of activities planned each and every day, all day long!! There even were “adult only” activities. The morning yoga and sunset wine and cheese hike have to have been among my favorites.

On most days while Ava Blu was off with her age group making bird feeders and hiking the forest with her counselor I spent a good amount of time at the Art Shack :) I must of burned a full 2 days attempted to throw a pot on a kick wheel. It was a ton of fun, very dirty and SUPER HARD!! In the end I just wound up painting a pre-made mug. I think I might need to sign up for a pottery class if I really want to learn how to throw a pot.

All the meals were served family style in the dining hall and although some folks with a more green organic diet might find the menu to be a bit sub-par, I was just grateful that I didn’t have to cook or clean the dishes! (and how fun, they actually rang  a triangles to call you in to eat.)

Camp Oski definitely had this nostalgic feeling of being back in a time where things were simpler. You could pretty much let the kids run free. And the counselor, what an amazing and talented group of students!! Ava Blu enjoyed their company so much that we left with a few numbers for babysitters in the fall!

This camping experience was AWESOME!!! Ava Blu was super sad to leave and 3 days in was already asking if we could come back next year. I’d totally recommend it to any family with kiddos that live in NorCal.

I think we will definitely be returning!!

in my studio

Oh my gosh you guys. I can’t even begin to tell you how busy I was last week. The state of my studio before I left for family camp I think says it all. It was a totally mad rush to finsh all the things that I had in the works before I headed off to enjoy a week of fun.

I’m going to try to keep it off line this week to fully embrace the outdoors and all the fun family activities. So see you all next week :)

3rd times the Charm- Surtex 2012

This was my third year exhibiting at Surtex and I had an AMAZING show!!! Each year seems to just get better and better!! That and it’s getting a little easier to set-up my booth!

I promised myself that I was going to simplify and ease up this year! Which if you can believe it I actually did! To make things easier on myself, I engineered my garland canopy to be pre-strung. This was one one stand-out project I allowed myself to do and I’m happy to say that it actually worked the way I had intended. The last two years I spent way too much time stringing up the garland only to feel bad to have to tear it down three days later. It usually takes me a full two days to set-up and this time around I was able to cut my set-up time down to a day and a half. So, this year I was able to enjoy a good meal and a mani/pedi before the show:)

For all you you future exhibitors:: If I could share one huge tip, it would be to know where your supplies are at all times. This is probably the most important part of my set-up and daily touch-up’s. Having labeled bags totally keeps me sane. When I need a piece of tape or a hook I don’t want to be wasting precious time hunting around for it them. The only thing is that you also have to be super diligent about putting everything back in the right bag otherwise things can get lost and out of control really fast, especially if you have someone else helping you.

Megan and I had such a lovely time hosting The Sweet Spot again this year!! I just love partnering up with her. :)  Megan’s smart, charming and always has beautiful artwork. We compliment each other really well and have such a fabulous time doing it. It’s a total treat!

This year’s show had such lovely energy!! I was definitely riding on a serious positive high. One of my favorite parts of the shows, is getting a chance to catch up with old friends and making new ones.


…and of course there has to be at least one night where we get to let our hair down, laugh and have a bit of fun! Myleen, Megan, Stephanie, Lucky Bon Bon, Cheryl, Nicole, Sorry You’re Happy, Sarah, Laura, Khristian, Debra, Melanie, Kate, Jane, Lille, Alicia, Sue, Anne, Carol


Thank you to all of those that stopped by and said HELLO!!!

I think this is going to truly be an amazing year :) 

AND I have to say a SUPER BIG Thank You to Myleen!!! Having you there to assist me with all of the pre and post show details and prep has been a huge help and has made my life so much easier. I don’t know how I ever did it without you!!

(Because Myleen is always working behind the scenes I just had to share a few photos of her working hard :) 

Here’s what Myleen has to say about her experience at the show::

Hello All! Myleen Here!

I got into Surtex just like I founded my business, through a divine accident. Two years ago Cindy Ann approached me in helping her and Megan with organizing and planning for the show (Surtex 2011). I had just had my son and decided to quit my corporate job to stay home fulltime. I am so grateful they have given me the opportunity to work with them not only for the show but year round! If not I am sure I would be taking apart and putting my vacuum cleaner together again and again just to entertain my not so idle mind!

After hearing about last year, I made a promise to myself that I was going to attend in 2012. All the second hand chatter didn’t disappoint. And I truly had a wonderful experience meeting and being immersed in such a creative environment. I had a great time walking up and down the aisles in the beyond awesome visual fiesta! Each artist/booth has their unique aesthetic and personality that is captured in that one booth space!  Everyone I met is so lovely and the whole experience has encouraged me to continue paving my way.

Thank you again to all the wonderful ladies (and gents) that gave me a minute of their time to chat with them and I look forward to Surtex 2013! – Myleen

share out :: Kristi Malakoff

Canadian artist Kristi Malakoff is a Canadian artist who has recently returned to her home country from travelling all over the world. Her art wonderfully reflects her travels in her medium—literally. Her art ranges from drawings to sculptures and even installations. 

I think her small sculptures made out of money are intricate and beautiful!