tying up a few loose ends before showtime

I’ve been working on tying up a few loose ends, and last Friday Sofia and I tackled assembling ALL of my press packs for Surtex. I was super thankful for the help!! What could of taken me a whole day was reduced to just a few hours :)

There is something very rewarding about actually creating something physical that you can flip through, hold and carry.

Earlier last week Stephen sent me an email with pictures of the very first promo I’d ever made!!  Gosh that was a long time ago, right after graduated college to be exact. I can remember running around like the city to hunt the right number of those perfect little scissors that I put on the covers (I was doing collage work at the time, hence the scissor). I cut and pasted each accent letter on every single promo. And get this, the inside pages actually had mounted photographs of my artwork. (totally pre-computer!!) There was some serious man hours involved in assembling those little booklets. 

It’s been over 14 years and thought my style and technique has gotten a bit more refined the general format has stayed the same. I guess if it works stick with it!!

So, if you are walking the show stop on by I’ll be in corner booth 650 (last aisle)!!


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