ooh la la! – Abelardo Morell


This week, I wanted to share the wonderfully creative photographer Abelardo Morell. He is a contemporary photographer working in old camera formats—particularly the camera obscura and tent camera. 


1. Tent-Camera Image on Ground: Florence Baptistry, 2010


2. Camera Obscura: View of Central Park Looking North-Spring, 2010


3. Manhattan View Looking West in Empty Room, 1996

In order to produce these compelling images, Morell transforms a room into a camera through shutting out all light except for a concisely formed hole through which light can permeate. Within the room, he uses a view camera and pointing it at the wall and opens the lens and lets the image appear on the film for eight hours. Through this pre-photographic process, Morell inventively produces an image of the outside world in an interior altering our perception of reality.

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