ooh lala! – Dave Mott

Hello all, I’m Sofia ~ Cindy Ann’s new intern! I will be guest blogging for the “ooh la la!” posts. Essentially, every Friday I will post something that struck my fancy and share it with all of you. Sometimes it may be an illustration or perhaps a color scheme or inspiring photograph—stay tuned!

Dave Mott is an illustrator/designer I found on pinterest. This feather “f” is a series of illustrated letters he is creating by hand. I thought his idea was ingenious! How fun to compose the letter “f” with an object that starts with “f”! Not to mention his beautiful drawing technique—I think these letters are exquisite!

doing a guest post over at surtex

I was delighted when Melissa asked if I would contribute to their blog and do a guest post. Yes, of course I would! Then, after the excitement settled in, I had that “oh no” moment. What could I write about that would be insightful and add value. There are so many amazing folks that have contributed in the past that if I thought about it for too long I was going to just psyche myself out. So I took a deep breath and decided to go with my gut and write about what I know –Joining marketing forces with fellow exhibitor Megan Halsey to host The Sweet Spot!!

You can read it here :)

power of 3 :: mind, body, spirit

Have you ever heard of The Power of Three? Are you familiar with the writing Rule of Three? Heard the expression: GOOD Things Come in Threes (and on the flip side bad things) or the Latin phrase : omne trium perfectum which when translated is everything that comes in threes is perfect! It seems as if many things are structures around groups of threes and 3 has been coming up a lot in my life lately. So I decided to do a little research, ok more like googling, but you get the picture.

The Power of Three is usually symbolized by a triquetra, a Celtic pattern that shows the center of three connected circles. So, of course I couldn’t resist drawing my own version of a triquetra :)

Three is the smallest number that can be used to form a pattern- Interesting since I’m immersed daily in visual patterns and surface design. And I love patterns. Somehow there is a sense of balance and completeness that comes with the number three. There’s a natural escalation of tension to the number. A beginning, middle and end of sorts.

So I decided that I’m going to start a new blog category called the power of 3!

And today my P3’s are Mind Body and Spirit. I am working on creating a balanced energy between the three so that I can manifest a more divine creative power.

omne trium perfectum

Starting to feel like home

It’s taken a while but my studio is starting to finally shape up. I still have some organizing yet to do, but at least now it’s a bit more liveable. It’s finally starting to feel like my creative home :)

in a years time…

Old habits die hard. Every time we have entered an Old Navy, Ava Blu refuses to leave until she gets a picture with the Supermodelquins and this day was no different.

WELL…with the exception that this month marks a year that I’ve left my corporate design job at Old Navy, and have been pursue my creative dreams fulltime. I can’t believe it’s been a year already!!!

My goodness, how many things have changed and yet some things stay the same. :) It’s amazing to think of where I was then and where I am now and I still have BIG dreams of where I see myself going.

Today, I am doing The Happy Dance!!!!! I received an email with my first batch of product pictures and I couldn’t be happier :)

Here is to pursuing and making dreams come true!!!

on my desktop :: AND it begins

AND it begins…The prep for Surtex!! This will be my 3rd year and I’m happy to say that Megan and I are teaming up once again :) I have a really good feeling about this year, though I’ve been a bit too busy to do any real prep till now. I definitely need to start kicking it into gear otherwise it’s gong to sneak up on me. 

Oh, and as a side note. Have you ever read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series? I just started listening to the first book in the series, while I’ve been working on our postcard and ad layouts. And I have to say that I’ve become instantly absorbed with the story!! It’s a super steamy time-travel, historical romance. It’s really quite good! And like I’ve said before I’m a total sucker for a good love story. Throw in a foreign accent, a historical location, and an accusation or two of witchcraft and you’ve got me!

There are currently 7 books in the series, so I’m hoping that should be enough listening time to take me all the way through my Surtex prep and into May. I love listening to audiobooks while I work. I could work for hours without even noticing the passage of time. It really is a nice way to work. The only problem is that I sometimes don’t want to stop listening!:)

a change of color

A while back I talked about dip dying my hair. Well today I finally did it!!!  It took a mere 4 1/2 hours, two more then I was expecting. Totally worth the time. I’m loving the way it’s turned out:) What do you think!?

How to catch a leprechaun

So how do you catch a leprechaun you ask? Well you build them a beautiful house of course! :) In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Ava Blu had a school assignment to make a leprechaun trap.

So, this past weekend we went out, hunted and gathered supplies and on Saturday built a house for our leprechaun. Why would he want to leave after seeing this sweet little cottage that we made. 

… and I’m happy to report that our leprechaun has spent the night in his new bed and left a few treats behind for Ava Blu to say thank you for such a beautiful new home.

I want to go there :: India

Lately, I’ve been thinking about traveling and the places that I want to see and visit before I die. India is definitely on the top of my list. The culture. The colors. The spices. The history.

Now I just have to figure out how to actually make it happen!

Sketchbook Stories :: Stephen Kroninger

It’s taken me a while to write this Sketchbook Story because I wasn’t quite sure I would be able to find all the words to express my admiration for Stephen.

Stephen was my first illustrator “crush”. When I was a junior in college I had an assignment to bring in examples of living illustrators that I admired and Stephen was the first on my list (to be honest I can’t even remember who the other two folks were). At the time I was working purely in a collage style and was looking to other collage artist for inspiration, I just loved Stephen’s work and found him so inspiring. So, I was coxed by my illustration instructor to call and talk to him. I’m happy to say I was able work up the nerve to make that call. Stephen was super funny and charismatic on the phone and somehow during the conversation I managed to convince him to take me on as an intern.

So, for the rest of my junior and senior year once a week I made the 2 hour trip from Philly to NYC to go to his studio in the West Village and work for him. It was my first real NYC experience!! I swept his floors, organized his files and just got to be around while he worked.

Stephen tooked me under his wing and I tagged along whenever I could. I went to meetings, gallery and museum exhibits with him and his wife. I had the honor of meeting some of his editors, art directors and many of his talented friends, as well as, being one of the first few that held his twin baby girls when they were born.

It was an amazing experience and I tried to asorbed everything I possible could while I was with him. Stephen was the person that first introduced me to NPR, political art, ebay, George Grosz, Groucho Marx and of course Dean Martin (he has an incredible collection of memorabilia). I wanted to be just like him. Live in the West Village create meaningful art, wear only black, the whole thing!!

Stephen’s editorial illustrations have appeared in nearly every major newspaper and magazine in the United States, as well as in many publications around the world. He is a regular contributor to Time, Newsweek, The New York Times and The New Yorker.

His work was the subject of an exhibit at the MoMA. AND it was the only time the museum devoted a one-person show to an illustrator! Pretty cool, huh!? Stephen’s collage art can be found in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute and he’s also created digital animation for an exhibit at the Whitney Museum.

Stephen’s is a participant in the MoMA’s Family Education program and is a lecturer in their Conversation with Contemporary Artist series as well as a guest lecturer at universities and art schools around the country. He’s active in the NY Metro area in a wide range of education programs, from workshops in elementary schools to the Art Directors Club’s program for inner-city high school students. He has been active in Scholastic’s program, serving both as a judge for and as a keynote speaker for their National Student Art & Writing Awards.

An all around pretty amazing artist & illustrator!

Here is Stephen Kroninger Sketchbook Story ::

SK: My wife and I have been going out to hear Barbara Carroll many times over the years. First at the Oak Room in the Algonquin Hotel for Sunday brunch and later at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at Lincoln Center. Our two daughters now attend with us and have become great fans of her music as well. This collage is of her Trio which includes Jay Leonhart (bass), Alvin Atkinson (drums) with special guest Ken Peplowski (tenor sax & clarinet).

SK: In recent years I’ve been working on a loose series of New York City images.  Scenes of people on St. Marks Place, outside Barney’s, Washington Square Park, Grace Church, Grand Central Station etc. For this work I decided to go indoors. 

SK: I began by doing a series a rapid character sketches throughout one of the Trio’s date’s at Dizzy’s. My wife took a series of 150 iPhone captures for me to use as reference.

SK: What I love about collage is that it’s largely improvisational. Ms. Carroll’s music is as well. For this piece I worked to a number of her cds including “How Long Has This Been going On” and “Something To Live For” which were both recorded at Dizzy’s Club. 

SK: All of the pieces are scissored from magazines. I glue the cuttings to a piece of white Strathmore 4 ply museum board.


Here’s where you can find Stephen Kroninger ::

web:: www.stephenkroninger.com/