My 29-Day Giving Challenge :: Day 7

A Birthday Print for a Friend ::

I mounted and sealed print on artist board for a friend’s birthday. I’ve had all the supplies sitting here in my studio for weeks, and I’m happy to say that, her birthday was just the motivation I needed to actually do it. She received the very first one I’ve ever mounted!! So it was kind of a gift to both of us :) 

The next day she sent me one of the sweetest thank you notes I’ve ever received!! She was so very appreciative and said that it was actually a bit synchronistic, because around her birthday every year she thinks about what she’d like bring into her life over the next year. And in 2012 she’s was thinking that it should be love and creativity!!

So, now I’ve given her a visual reminder. How amazing is that!!

  1. Jen

    And how amazing is the print? And how amazing is our friendship? Thank you so much for celebrating with me and thank you a million times for this gorgeous print!


  2. I love the print that you made for your friend. Great job!

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