My 29-Day Giving Challenge :: Day 4

2 bucks toward a coffee ::

Monday morning as I was standing in line for coffee before my LIDL meeting I decided I wanted to pay a bit  towards the next persons drink. Then my heart started to race and I started to get nervous as I stepped forward in line. How was I going to do this. I didn’t want to over complicate things for the cashier and draw too much attention to myself. Doing an extra charge credit card I feared was just going to be too complicated. Did I have any cash? I almost never have actually cash on me. As the line moved I scrambled to look inside my purse. I had 2 dollars, phew!

I stepped up to the register placed my order paid with my bank card and then handed her the 2 dollars over to the cashier and quickly told her it was to go to the next person’s drink order (my heart was still pounding). She looked as me a bit confused at first and then a smile broke on her face. She hurried up to the next register to apply the 2 bucks towards the next gentleman’s order, and pointed me out. I wasn’t quite expecting that.

The man professionally thanked me and then asked if we knew each other. I said no I just wanted to do something nice this Monday morning :-) I guess people don’t really do that anymore these days. Why are we so shocked when someone extends a kind gesture towards us? Is it really that rare?  I sure hope not.

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