My 29-Day Giving Challenge :: Day 2

Some Spare Change :: On our drive up to Tahoe we made a pit-stop at Fry’s, so I could pick up some ink cartridges for my printer, and so AB could use the restroom. On the way into the store, there was the Salvation Army’s donation kettle set-up (you know the red bucket with the person ringing the bell).

Well normally, when I see something like this I pick up the pace and rush by, doing my best not to make eye contact for fear of being seen and then “forced” to make a donation. This time was no different, except I kept thinking about it while I was shopping. Why do I always do that!? I’m not quite sure. So on the way out I consciously decided to drop the change that I was saving for parking meters into the kettle.

It put a smile on my face as the coins clinked in, and I was surprised with all of the thank you’s that followed.

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