My 29-Day Giving Challenge :: Day 12

a little gift for a new member of planet earth ::

I was meeting a friend for dinner and as I was running errands around town I just knew I needed to pick up a little gift for his new little baby girl. At first I was a little unsure what to get and if it was even appropriate for me to give him something, because you see she wasn’t conceived the traditional way. My friend donated his sperm to his best friend and her partner. So, though this little girl is biologically his, he’s more of an uncle. It get’s a bit complicated, but who’s family isn’t complicated these days!? I mean really! In the end I felt like I needed to give her a little something to welcome her to this world!! She is one lucky little girl with so many people in her life that will love her and I just love that!! xoxox ❤

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