My 29-Day Giving Challenge :: Day 11

Some spare change :: A new LIDL member :: A helping hand

Gosh this was a big giving day.

So this morning on my way to my Monday Meeting, as I was exiting the Bart Station, I dropped a handful of change into the cup that was sitting in front of the man that was playing the clarinet. This is not something that I would normally do. Usually I’m running late and in too much of a rush to even bother to look inside my purse to see if I even have anything to offer. But today I’m glad I did.

Then it was off to my meeting where we were having a new member join us for the first time!! And she just just happened to be an old coworker of mine, that I now consider a friend. I’m so glad that she is going to join the inner circle of the LIDL ladies. She’s about to embark on a super exciting creative adventure and I’m super stoked for her :-) It’s so nice when you can get really excited for someone else. Too often we feel resentment or jealous when a peer succeeds. But I’m so happy to say that this is definitely not the case.

Then on the way out of the Bart Station I helped a tourist couple figure out how to use their bart tickets. ❤ ❤ ❤

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