Some new Holiday Art!

The holidays are coming!! So what better way to celebrate then to share with you a few new holiday designs.

I call this new series “A Holiday Tradition”.  I’ve been feeling the pull to do some more traditional inspired work. I think it may have something to do with the state of the world and the economy right now.

I’ve been feeling the need to embrace tradition a bit more then I have in past years. And I don’t think it’s just me feeling this way. I think others are also feeling the need to go back to their roots and are embracing those traditions that they hold near and dear to their hearts.I tried something I little different this time and broke out my collection of ephemera. I scanned in a few pieces to use for the background as well as some ribbons and bows I had saved for just the right time.

All and all I’m really happy with the way they all turned out.

If you are interested, they are available for licensing just shoot me an email :-)

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