Share Out :: The Sellable Sketch

I just signed up for one of Michelle’s e-course. I felt I could use a bit of a refresher and perhaps learn a few new things. Take a look at her video explaining the class. She’s really offering up some really great content covering all the essentials. How could you lose!?


So who wants to join me? The class starts on Nov 7th so there is still time to sign up and I’d love to take it with a few friends!!

Michelle is also offering a class called The Ultimate Guide to Repeats and Other Textile Design Essentials that you may also be interested in. I figured I’d start with the Sellable Sketch and if I feel like I need a bit more I’d sign up for that one too. It might cover some stuff that I already know, but I’m always open to learning and looking at things from a different angle, and besides taking a class is always a great motivator.

If you’re strapped for cash and can’t take the class you should at the very least check out her blog Pattern Observer it’s total eye candy and a great trend watching source!!

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